Guard Duty (Clan)


Kill 10 Omni Guards

Faction: Neutral and Clan

Level: 110+


Nano pirates, people known to deal with shady, black market nano programs, often take refuge in the small towns of Rubi-Ka to stay under the radar and ply their trade.

Business is good, but the risks are high, and more and more officials have been patrolling lately, keeping a sharp eye open for under-the-table deals. Needless to say this is bad for business... which is where you come in.

You have been commisioned to weaken the defense of 2HO or another Omni-Tek city by killing 10 Corporal Guards or even better, Omni Pol Guards.

Be careful: After engaging in combat with a guard you will be open to attack by anyone for an amount of time.


  • Variable XP
  • Mission tokens
  • Variable Victory points


When talking to John Smith ask You got anything more tailored for me? and you might get this mission. To get there take the Grid to 2HO. This is a PvP area so watch for Mobs and players. The guards are located in the compound and outside. Stay in the compound and when it gets dangerous step inside one of the many buildings.

Pdm Special Assignment Kill Omni Guards.jpg