Gladiatorbots are such an efficient design that the Guardbot upgrade is, on the surface at least, identical. Center of mass is high, which together with inertial dampers gives a solid platform for a shoulder-mounted melee attack claw assembly

An efficient design of robot, without the Warbot's tendency to go rogue. Rogue Gladiatorbots such as those at Bot Mountain in Greater Tir County are therefore relatively rare enemies, and Guardbots even more so, compared to the innumerable A-series Warbots that have broken programming and roam uninhabited areas. The notable exception, of course, is the Trash King in Athen Shire.

Nano Programs that allow Engineers to create them as fighting allies are found at Quality Level 47, with upgrades up to to 86, under the name Gladiatorbot; the Guardbot upgrade program ranges from 90 to 123, making them the longest-running model in the Engineer series.

Nano Program - Robot Level Comparison[edit]

Model Upgrade Nano Level Robot Level
Semi-Sentient Guardbot 123 109
Perfected Guardbot 119 106
Advanced Guardbot 116 103
Upgraded Guardbot 113 100
Guardbot 109 97
Common Guardbot 103 94
Flawed Guardbot 99 91
Inferior Guardbot 96 88
Lesser Guardbot 93 85
Feeble Guardbot 90 79
Patchwork Guardbot 90 82
Semi-Sentient Gladiatorbot 86 76
Perfected Gladiatorbot 83 73
Advanced Gladiatorbot 80 70
Upgraded Gladiatorbot 76 67
Gladiatorbot 70 64
Common Gladiatorbot 66 61
Flawed Gladiatorbot 63 58
Inferior Gladiatorbot 57 55
Lesser Gladiatorbot 53 52
Patchwork Gladiatorbot 50 49
Feeble Gladiatorbot 47 46

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