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Heckler of Evolution
Resembling a precariously balanced pile of boulders while in their normal hibernation mode, and a standing and running pile of boulders, once they are attacked.
Hecklers once dropped Silver, Gold, Iridium, Osmium, and Platinum Ingots; these were removed from the loot table in Patch 16.0.
Hecklers remain a staple of players' levelling in the Shadowlands. Hecklers may vary in Aggression, possibly due to level or the number of Hecklers killed. They are the staple of Neutral Faction gain.

Monster Info

Level Range: All
Aggressiveness: agressive
Frequency: common
Size: big


Heckler of Earth
Heckler of Stone
Heckler of Metal
Heckler of Evolution
Heckler of Harmony

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Jobe Research

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Weapon QL equals the creature lvl.

Mob nano boooh.gif Boooh

Attack skills: Psychological Modifications - 50%
                    Biological Metamorphosis - 50%
Defence skills: Nano Resist - 111%
Speed: 0.01s / 0.01s
Damage type: mob_nano_boooh damage
Range: 18m
Special: Fear


Item Drops

Monster Parts Monster Parts Sheet of Perennium Sheet of Perennium
Perennium Bolts Perennium Bolts Potion of Yesterday's Thoughts Potion of Yesterday's Thoughts
Head of an Immortal Head of an Immortal Xan Funeral Urn Xan Funeral Urn

Drops before Patch 16.02

See Main Article Patch 16.0

These ingots are no longer in game.
They were never used in Tradeskills; an easy way to tell what is used in Tradeskills is, if the name does not begin with "Small", it is not a tradeskill item, even if it comes from RK. They were a source of friction between players whose profession, level etc made them able to 'farm' them easily and those who could not, players who felt that they unbalanced the game and those who did not, etc, and so Funcom removed them in October of 2005, in Patch 16.02.

If you follow the icon or text links to Auno, you can see the Value, which is a base amount from which the price that NPCs and terminals will buy an item is calculated, you will see, for example, 5,120,000 for QL 200 Gold Ingots. Compare this with a piece of QL 200 loot armor and you may be able to see what all the fuss was about. Enhanced Sid's Leather Body Armor (Enhanced Sid won't mind) is Valued at 1,189,653. The Ingots sell for 4.3 times as much, and they did not just stop at 200; Auno lists them up to QL 400, with value 12 million for a Platinum at 400, although it is unlikely anyone ever got a drop that high.

All ingots are shown at QL 200, out of a hypothetically possible 400.

Gold ingot Gold Iridium ingot Iridium Osmium ingot Osmium
Platinum ingot Platinum Silver ingot Silver