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Helpbot is down for the foreseeable future. Most or all of its capacities, like "oe" for equipment requirements to keep from being "OverEquipped", are currently undertaken by "Aquest". Eg, "/tell aquest help". Also "Budanet" and "Darnbot", eg "/tell budanet level 100" and "/tell darnbot oe 740"
For a list of the "/tell helpbot level X" results see Level Parameters. You can use this, for example, to find the information in reverse (with a given level of mission, which equals the QL of the items that can be rolled, you can find the unknown level of character that can get that level of mission, etc), or when on a phone or when AO is down

Aquest also has FAQ information topics on Arete Landing missions, ICC HQ, Subway, To3W, Foreman's (only the Omni commencement though), crafting, Instances, the RK Shoulderpads missions, and other commands not available with Helpbot.

Helpbot is a player supported ingame bot designed to answer a variety of questions.


Type /tell helpbot help in your chat window at anytime to get a run down of helpbot's options. Think of the Helpbot as another player that you need to contact via a /tell. All of the helpbot's commands need to be preceded by /tell helpbot.

Players use "rollability" databases such as Kimi's to find which level missions will roll items fastest. They still need to know which player levels can roll which mission levels, and using Ctrl-F or "Find in Page" on the Level Parameters page can remove trial and error.



displays a list of commands example: /tell helpbot help

Helpbot: Hello, here is my command list /tell helpbot whereis avalon /tell helpbot roll 1 20 /tell helpbot 222 333 888 999 /tell helpbot whois somebody also, /tell helpbot about, flip, skin, help, nanonanny, compass, colors, aomd, secret


takes two pairs of coords and tells you the distance and direction from one to the other example: if you are at 200 300 and you want to know how to get to 888 999 /tell helpbot 200 300 888 999

Helpbot: 200 300 to 888 999 go 45�, NE, 981 meters


Looks up the information on a player from the AnarchyOnline web page example: /tell helpbot whois sputnic

Helpbot: "Sputnic" (L 16) is a Male Solitus Adventurer (Hunter), Omni, not in a guild


Flips a coin and tells you what side landed up. example: /tell helpbot flip

Helpbot: heads, to verify /tell helpbot verify 5


rolls a die and tells you what side came up example: /tell helpbot roll 20

Helpbot: from 1 to 20, I rolled a 17, to verify /tell helpbot verify 6


Verifies a roll or flip. If you need to flip a coin and let everyone know, you can tell them to /tell helpbot veryfy [number] example: /tell helpbot verify 5

Helpbot: I told Takrel "heads"


gives a reference compass in case you wanted to know where WNW was exmple: /tell helpbot compass


Boxing the Compass, for a list of and information on more detailed navigational increments


gives an estimate of the levels you can group with and still get experience exmple: /tell helpbot level 100

Helpbot: A L 100 should be able to group with either down to L 75 or up to L 133
level now supplies additional data. See these quest notes


shows the current game time. Click more information to get the time offset so you can calculate your local time.


Gives you information about a place. example: /tell helpbot whereis stret east bank

Helpbot: Stret East Bank is located in the mid-west part of the world. Grid access in 2HO at 667x1638, whompa at 783 x 1599, ferry to 4 Holes at 820 x 1977. To the north of Stret East Bank is Upper Stret East Bank, to the northwest is Stret West Bank, to the northeast is Central Artery Valley, to the southwest is Andromeda, to the southeast is Milky Way, to the east is Southern Artery Valley and to the west is 4 Holes.
whereis appears to have been removed from Helpbot


Helpbot is currently being maintained by the folks at