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There are lots of different holidays celebrated on Rubi-Ka, many of them have special significance or special events associated with them.


A spooky time of year on Rubi-Ka, where an evil black fog covers the land and the menacing Uncle Pumpkinhead stalks the land, looking for victims. Despite these strange events, people gather for parties as Frankenleet and Draculeet appear and give away festive items or provide a direction to look for them. Halloween festivities usually happen seven days before and after October 31st.


A bright and happy time of year where the Santaleets come out to play with the people of Rubi-Ka. Warm and cheery festivities abound, often times with special social clothing or fun items to find or get.

Valentine's Day[edit]

A grand Earth Holiday celebrating the dual powers of Love and Commerce! Yuttos merchants make trips to the major cities to sell imported chocolates and card to profess your love with.

Colonist's Day[edit]

Also known as Settler's Day, this is a celebration of the day the first colonists landed on the planet, and the day that the game first launched! Special clothing, quests, and items are often given out; as well as a parties being held by GMs and ARK.