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See Dyna Camps, with their frequent spawning of a single monster type

This is a guide to places that may be considered good leveling spots. Some of them are historic and were used in earlier stages of the game before some dungeons and other areas opened up for leveling, so not all of them will be 'prime' leveling areas; but if you are sick of getting trained or would like to explore the world more while leveling your characters, this guide will show you some interesting places to consider.


Arete Landing

  • Range: 1-10
  • Notes:

The Old Backyards

This is the starting area on the 2019 Progression Server (RK19)
  • Range: 1-10
  • Notes: This is where most players started the game before the release of AI or if they start a new character on the progression server. Entrances exist all over Borealis and Newland City for neutrals, West Athen and Old Athen for Clan, Omni-1 and Rome for Omni, by the doors with the numbers by them. The nice part about the Junkyard is that you can basically run around and have the whole thing to yourself to freak out in. There is one boss who spawns on a 15min timer and gives similar loot to the newbie island bosses. Additionally there is a terminal here selling small backpacks and another terminal that will set your first and last name with something fun and random!

Newland City Area

  • Location: Newland
  • Range: 5-15
  • Notes: outside Newland City has tons of low level mobs to kill.

The Condemned Subway (aka The Subway)

  • Location: 640x470 Borealis for Neutrals, middle entrance in West Athen for Clan, Just ouside Rome blue in Rome Strech for Omnis
  • Range: 8-20
  • Notes: The Subway is the first of the great series of RK dungeons for froobs and non-froob alike. The subway has some fairly nice loot to boot. The play in the subway can be divided into 2 parts: the upper subway and the lower subway. The upper subway has various lowlifes like Stim Fiends, Lost Pets, and Fleas to fight and gain a little experience off of; it should be noted though that the Shadows in certain parts of the upper Subway will social aggro if attacked, leading to all sorts of madness. There is also a series of slum shops in this area if you ever need to unload your ill gotten goods. A couple items to get for selling or for latter are: Morphing Memory (a memory that will level up to ql 200 and add some nice nano resist), and the items for the Ergo ring quest (small power supply, coil of copper wire, burnt out NCU, and circuit board). When you get to the lower subway the mobs get a good deal harder and you start encountering mobs like Neural Burnouts and Incomplete Patterns. These mobs have a chance of dropping Living Cyber Armor pieces (Living Cyber Armor levels when equipped or right-clicked, up to level 200. It used to go up to ql 50, and required Psychic). If you can manage to get to the end of the lower area there is a boss called Abmouth Supremus who has a chance to drop Juggler's Treat and Ring of the Nucleus Basalis. The Nucleus Basalis ring levels as well so it is useful for twinking low characters.


Good spot Northeast of Newland City, have to zone into Newland Desert. Its about in middle between Prof Van Horn & NLC, cant miss it; its an Oasis with huge Dinosaurs.


Rhinoman Cockpit

  • Location: Newland Desert
  • Range: 25-40
  • Notes: This place is NE of Oasis, watch out for clan guards though who guards the tunnel into this place (you can get here by crossing mountain a but south of the guards)

The Pipes

  • Location: Lush Fields
  • Range: 20-30
  • Notes: These are two areas North West and South West of the Lush Outpost (follow road west out of Harry's) filled with Rubi-Ka Shade monsters. Mobs drop mob parts, small cash and other bits rarely.

Temple of Three Winds (aka "totw", "Trains on the Way", and "Temple")

  • Location: Greater Tir County, North of Tir City.
  • Levels: 20-60
  • There have been many ways to get to temple. One was and still is to go the tir grid exit on the bottom floor and then run around the city (the city guards used to attack, now only the Commanders at the gates do) and then run north to the temple. The second way was to head to the omni city of rome, where in Rome Green you can find a Cultist in an alley who will sell you a key to his portal for a 1000 credit 'donation', this pass will transport you to Temple when clicked on the portal and is usable till level 60. Then a second cultist appeared in Newland Desert with a portal. And finally, the first cultist disappeared and the second moved to ICC HQ. To leave temple, the fastest way is to die, the other way is to run to Tir and go around the city to the grid entrance south of the city.

Once you are actually at Temple it will generally be a madhouse of activity, so the biggest priority will be to get a team. Part of the reason for this is that some players are lazy and try to run out of Temple, dragging swarms of mobs right up to the entrance that you will most likely have to fight. Once you are past the trains it will be important to get successively better types of robes and rings, as these will be some of the best rings and back armor available to most professions until around level 70-80.

There are three boss areas in the temple and some essential loot from each that you should get or risk being gimped for the rest of the game.

    • Left Passage: Barrow Strength (can be worn for the rest of the game, never delete it), Withered Flesh, Dark Memories, Frost Scythe of the Legionaire (Enf and Keepers), Memory Loops
    • Middle Passage: Temporal Chalice (Doc), Touch of the Gripper (DD profs), Rock Crusher Gauntlets (DD Profs), Notum Ring of the Three
    • Right Passage: Guardian Circuit Board, Exarch Robe, Notum Ring of Three, Stygian Desolator (Enf and Keepers), Book of the Immortal (Doc), Martial Artist gloves

Virus Builders:

  • Location: Pleasant Meadows
  • Range: 40-60
  • Notes: 1 minute West of 20k. They are lvl 80ish. These mobs are great for a good team of lvl 40+!

Biomare (Aka Foreman's and BIOlogical MAterials REsearch Facility)

  • Location: Longest Road
  • Range: 50-100
  • Notes: This dungeons was recently revamped, and what they did to it was really very pretty, adding a lot of quest content and new features to the areas. In a very similar fashion to Temple there will be a lot of people waiting outside of Foreman's to get in groups to go in, but if you are competent it is possible to solo much of Foreman's for XP. The best way to do your Biomare experience though is to get the quest from either the Clan rep or the Omni rep (in outpost 10-3 near the whompa) and work through the quests for the rewards. As with most dungeons once the leveling gets tedious its time to leave, even though it is possible to level to 100 in the dungeon itself. It is of note that, as part of the revamp, you can get progressively better key-cards that stop guards from attacking you, progressively farther away from the entrance.

Bot Hackers

  • Location: Pleasant Meadows
  • Range: 50-90
  • Notes: SE of 20k, marked on map. They are lvl 95ish. Need better team here, and by NO means attack anything but the Bothackers!! Good for players/teams up to at least lvl 80ish. Insane fast xp here

Entvined - Central

  • Location: The Reck
  • Range:
  • Notes:

Mort Borgs

  • Location: 1352, 58 Mort Crater
  • Range: 70-130
  • Notes: Cyborgs are one of the staples of RK leveling, the only problem is that cyborg type mobs have several very fast attacks, first a ranged attack and then a melee or physical attack. The strategy here is to have the tank get aggression and then run around in a big circle to avoid damage while the rest of the team kills the chasing borg (borg kiting). This works because cyborgs generally need to stop near their target to attack and can be kept running to avoid that.

PW Base Borgs

  • Location: Perpetual Wastelands
  • Range: 130-until sick of it
  • Notes: See Mort Borgs.


  • Location: Smuggler's Den
  • Range:
  • Notes:

Reck-Hecks (Bog Golems)

  • Location: The Reck
  • Range:
  • Notes:

Queen Chamber

  • Location: Smuggler's Den
  • Range:
  • Notes:

The Shadowlands[edit]


Nascene Ruins

  • Location: 854, 1375 Old Frontier, Nascene
  • Range: 10-17, or until grey
  • Notes: This place is best to solo really, but teams can work out well here. If you solo its best to stay to the right side of the ruins as the mobs 'The Lord' and 'The Lady' are much higher and tend to squish soloers.

Spider Marsh

  • Location: 971, 1680 Old Frontier, Nascene
  • Range: 15-25
  • Notes: Another good solo place that is right south of the Ruins. best idea here is to kill spiders first and then latter move onto killing Malahs and Dragons since the they will social aggro or proximity aggro. Watch out for the dragons as they stun and hit you with a very power nuke at that level.

Crippler Cave

  • Location 560, 1725 Nascence Wilds, Nascene
  • Range: 22-35
  • Notes: This is an actual cave in Nascence, not an instance shaped like a cave, and its full of cripplers! Cripplers will give social aggro if you attack them, so be careful, but if you are smart you can actually solo this place till level 35. There is also a group of Croakers which will give good XP, but they proximity aggro and are more powerful then the Cripplers by far. This is also a good location to farm insignias for nascene keys, as both types commonly drop from Cripplers.

Core Malahs

  • Location: Nascene Wetlands/Nascence Core
  • Range: 30-45
  • Notes: This is one of my favorite solo leveling locations and can be approuched several ways. I usually hop out of the aban statue and just start running around randomly, but it is best to make circles of the swamps. Malahs here social aggro like mad and can cast a mean stun on you for a couple moments. The perk though is they drop a lot of good SL armor, SL nanos (most you would have to buy in ely), and other random goodies.

Two Mountains Croakers

  • Location: 245, 570 Two Mountains, Nascene
  • Range: 30-43
  • Notes: Sometimes an alternative to the Crip Cave, but also a next step. A lot of people come here to level to around 40 so they can start doing hecklers. As with the Cave, Croakers prox aggro. Generally I see this as more of a team range then a solo area, but it can certainly be soloed.

Core Hecklers

  • Location: 1400, 1810 The Wetlands, Nascene
  • Range: 40-70
  • Notes: A good heckler run starting at the aban statue in Nascene and following the north brink east around the island till you get to the southeast corner.

Two Mountains Hecklers

  • Location: 190, 425 Two Mountains, Nascene
  • Range: 40-70
  • Notes: This is one of the classic Nascene heckler runs, and can either be done as a loop around the mountain stating at the redeemed statue and going South-Southwest from it, or doing a small plot of them to the North-Northwest of the statue.

Steppe of Despair Heckler Run

  • Location: 170, 1950 Steppe of Despair, Nascene
  • Range: 40-70
  • Notes: Another good heckler run that starts at the coordinates noted and goes straight south to around the gates of Brawl. This place can get fairly crowded though, so be careful.


Chapel of Chants

  • Location: 735, 690 Chapel of Chants, Elysium
  • Range: 60-75
  • Notes: This is a decent place to go if you are tired of hecklers in Nascene and need a change of pace, it is also located right across from Storm Shelter. The mobs here are Malah-Anas and Hoathlans, so they do alot of Prox and Social aggro. This place is best approached in a team, but is also a good place to get insignias when in need.

Whispervale Spiders

  • Location: 1075, 660 Spiderdust Grove, Elysium
  • Range: 67-100
  • Notes: Good place to go after Nascence hecks and as a early alternative to Cold Rock. Spiders proximity Aggro

Coldrock Spiders

  • Location: 1900, 770 Whitepass, Elysium
  • Range: 74-100
  • Notes: A little bit more challenging then Whispervale, but often the classic leveling spot in Elysium where Omnis and Clans face off. You can get there easily by using the Cold Rock Statue from the Omni garden or The Scoope Statue from the Clan. Like Whisper Vale, Chill Spiders Proximity aggro.

Callous Mortiigs

  • Location: 650, 650 Cape Callous, Elysium
  • Range: 85-105
  • Notes: Ahh good ole Mortiigs! Mortiigs are a real pain, but make for excellent leveling, and can even drop some goodies like pattern pieces or parts for making Perennium weapons. There are Three sections of this area. The coordinates are for the Beach which is the most accessible and popular. The second is the more northern side of the structure on the plateau, and the last is in the channel to the west of the structure near the platform with the two bosses. Mortiigs Proximity Aggro and have pretty good eyes, so its not unusual to end up with a couple adds. If you are getting levels off of these guys and think you are ready for Elysium Hecklers, there are actually several out in the water to the north and south of the mortiigs along the brink.

Port 7 Devs

  • Location: 1080, 40 Outer Isles, Elysium
  • Range: 90-105
  • Notes: This area is almost directly south of port 7 around the ruined Jobe outpost. Devours of Life are nuts and very hard to do, but if you can get a team to do them they can shoot you up in levels very quickly due to the xp they give and their numbers. Make sure you have a good tank, puller, and doc, or one bad pull will bring around 10 of them on your head and give you a quick death. You start the area on a hill outside the ruins, pulling the devs to the hill. Once the way is clear you can move into the ruins and kill them in there, but be careful because they can respawn behind you and block your way out.

South Beach Heckler Run

  • Location: 900, 320 Outer Isles, Elysium
  • Range: 105-150
  • Notes: This Heckler spot is south of Port 7, and as the name suggests, on a beach. There are two ways to go about leveling here, you can either run the 'path' on the brink killing all the hecklers in your way, or follow the cliffs north killing all the hecklers in your way. Both offer good ways to get into huge Damage contests with other groups of people who might be coming the opposite direction from Port 7 down to South Beach.

If you bite off more then you can chew, run for the brink and swim out a good ways into the water and wait for the heckler to reset, hecklers cannot swim.


Port 7 Heckler Run

  • Location: 1130, 715 The Brink, Elysium
  • Range: 105-150
  • Notes: Port7 is the place you enter Elysium from the Jobe portal, but it is also a good heckler spot, and place to meet for teams. To find your hecklers just jump off the side of the platform and they are all around you close to the cliffs. Generally there is a guard or two down below the platform to steal aggro if you bring a heckler too close, this is both good and bad because it might save you, but destroy your xp. There is two ways to go here really. You can work your way south following the cliffs towards South Beach, or you can work your way north through the domains of the kiters. You will know these places because they have large masses of hecklers bunched together. Only teams who either have nerves of steal, or good experience with hecklers should go north since you not only have to worry about hecklers themselves, but Kiting Nanotechnicans running through with a mass of 30+ hecklers in tow.

North Heckler Run

  • Location: 500, 2300 The Brink, Elysium
  • Range:115-150
  • Notes: This run is far far north of Port 7 and is usually gotten to by actually killing your way from Port7 up to it. One you get there though its a veritable heckler heaven! If you happen to be the only team there, you can usually run your way up the stone path on the brink, killing hecklers, and once you reach the end they will have started respawning so you can kill more on the way back! Generally though the problem is getting there, which takes some skill and power.



Whirling Rocks

  • Location: 2300, 700 The Hourglass, Adonis
  • Range: 135-160
  • Notes: This is the circle of hell that was reserved for twinks and power players, but at the very least, whirling rocks might be the most exciting leveling in the game. these guys are found in south east Adonis south of all the clan Heckler grounds. They are great Xp if you can get into Adonis before level 150 to get a heckler or mission team. The problem is that whirling rocks have really good eye sight and social aggro alot. But wait! Theres more! Amidst the whirling rocks you will find golems, these are much more powerful then your average rock and a little less powerful then actual adonis hecklers. So you and your team (yes, team), will need to be able to manage your aggro with either calms, mongos, or good pulling.

Clan Side Hecklers

  • Location:
  • Range: 160-190
  • Notes: The Clan side hecklers are a collection of Brink heckler runs on the East side of Adonis near the Redeemed Temple. The upside of these runs is that they tend to be self-contained so you wont often have other teams running through like you would in Elysium heckler runs. The downside is that they are pretty boring. All the heckler runs are accessible via the 'Outmost Yard' statue, but the 'North Central' and 'North North' runs are accessible by jumping into the water from the statue and swimming to the shore in the north.

Omni Side Hecklers

  • Location:
  • Range: 160-190
  • Notes: The Omni side hecklers are a collection of Brink heckler runs on the West side of Adonis near the Unredeemed outpost and Adonis City ruins. The upside of these runs is that they tend to be self-contained so you wont often have other teams running through like you would in Elysium heckler runs. The downside is that they are pretty boring. All the heckler runs are accessible via the 'West Adonis' statue.

Dark Ruins - Solo

  • Location:
  • Range: 160-180
  • Notes: This instance comes in two parts: solo and team. The solo instance can only be accessed by not being in a team and you need to finish the quests here in order to access the team instance. For all that, there are a series of mild to hard quests with daily experience rewards ending in a fight with a spirit known as 'The Goddess'. In the early quests, if you leave the instance, the mobs reset, making it a nice, self contained, place to level when you get to Adonis. The mobs can be pretty tough so try to come with a HoT and some other outside buffs.

Dark Ruins - Team

  • Location:
  • Range: 170-200
  • Notes: This instance comes in two parts: solo and team. The solo instance can only be accessed by being in a team after you complete the solo quest line. This instance gives 4 new daily experience quests to do along with the first source of 'special' DOJAs. If your team is strong enough you can even take on the goddess again to get your hands on some of the super awesome Goddess Armor. Even after making your way to Penumbra, it is worth coming back here before level 201 to get a Special DOJA chip for the daily reward.



  • Location: Penumbra West Side, near Blue Mist
  • Range: 180-220
  • Notes:

Penumbra Hecklers

  • Location: Brink Locations
  • Range: 180-220
  • Notes:


Inferno Sided Missions

  • Location: See notes.
  • Range: 180-220
  • Notes: Inferno missions are now one of the main staples of leveling in this barren place. Like the other sided missions, you get these from a special mob in each garden, and they come in three types: Easy, Medium, and Hard. From there the difficulty is based on the level of the person who pulled the mission. So a Easy mission pulled by a level 215 will be different than one pulled by a level 205. There are two locations that these missions occur in: The first is the 'Cave of Enlightenment' up near Ergo on the Inferno Frontier, and the second is the dungeon near the Safe hill for the 255 Incarnator. These missions use existing dungeon portals so their locations will be marked on Sphere Map, but you need a key to get in them or you will end up in the normal inferno dungeon.


  • Location: NE from Sorrow
  • Range: 215 - 220
  • Notes: Tuinissk is the name of the mob. Basically, you do a loop around the south end of the peninsula. Tig country with a couple of Hecks thrown in. Reflects and calms are essential. There is a little island in the lava just south of Tuin peninsula - this would be Rep island where people congregate before kicking off. This is where people come in their final levels and a high level of expertise / experience is expected. Calmers - run ahead of the team calming everything. This makes for an easier run.

Phatmos and Friends

  • Location:
  • Range: 170-220
  • Notes:

The 255 Incarnator

  • location:
  • Range: 200-220
  • Notes: This is actually a heckler run, but it is a very special type of heckler run since the level of the people involved and the layout of the incarnator are they way they are. Since the incarnator is divided into 4 quadrants its easier to keep aggro in just one small spot even though the hecklers are generally clustered fairly close together. One of the favored tactics here is to 'stack' which involves getting a doc, a tank, and a crat. Once you have those you engage a heckler, and you damage it close to death, then you get another one. You work to keep the hecklers close to death with snares, calms, extra damage, and other tricky maneuvers. Once the team has as many near dead hecklers as it can micro manage the crat hits their big xp bonus perk and the team kills all the hecklers, which results in huge xp/sk for the team. Its a tricky maneuver but it can be done with success. Another good thing to note is that the incarnator has a lot of heckler and horror bosses which are good for Neutrals to get their high end faction up to 50K.

Inferno Garden Missions/Old Inferno Missions

  • location: Pulled from NPC in Garden, various static dungeon entrances in the world
  • Range: 190-220
  • Notes: These are SL team missions that are run in random dungeon layouts like you would do on Rubi-Ka, but are instead filled with sided and Brink mobs. These missions can be pulled in Easy, Medium, and Hard ranges and culminate with a boss and a mission loot drop. The level of the mission is set by the mission puller. The most common locations are the 'Cave of Enlightenment' and 'Trial Area', both near Ergo The benefit of doing these is mostly for the chest loot in the mission and the boss loot at the end, as the XP/SK is comparable to New Inferno Missions but takes longer.

Inferno Missions/New Inferno Missions

  • location: Pulled from Yuttos near Ergo in Inferno
  • Range: 190-220
  • Notes: New Inferno missions take the form of a wave defense trial where you need to protect three spirits while waves of mobs try and murder them. These missions can be pulled in Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty and for Redeemed, Unredeemed, and Guardian of Shadows faction. The mission location is always a cave very near Ergo, in inferno. These missions are faster than the old inferno missions and give similar XP/SK, they also have a chance to drop rare loot from RK and SL areas, depending on the difficulty.

Alien Leveling[edit]


  • Range: 1-15
  • Notes: Currently only available on RK5, this starting area is the first place to gain access to the Kyr'Ozch to start gaining AXP. At the levels that you can get in Arete, you can get 2 Alien Levels and bank a third.

Daily Alien Missions

  • Location: Freelancer Office and various locations
  • Range: 1-220
  • Notes: Every 18 hours characters may get an alien mission from their Freelancer office of choice. Depending on the choice and level the mission can be a little random but the mission itself will always give a large block of AXP.

Alien Missions/Alien Mother Ship Missions

  • Location: Outzone Staging Area
  • Range: 1-220
  • Notes: This is team mission into the alien mothership, so you need to be in a team to pull them. It is very similar to RK team missions but alien themed. Mobs gives XP/SK, AXP, and often drop items that give Victory Points (VP). Missions always culminate in a very tough alien boss that drops upgrades for OFAB armor and weapons.

Alien City Raids/City Defense

  • Location: Organization Cities
  • Range: 1-220
  • Notes: Initially the only source of AXP, city raids are still used frequently for farming. To start the raid you need to feed Controller Recompiler Units (CRU) to the City Controller and drop the city cloak. The raid scales based on the number of organization members present in the raid and is divided into 2 parts: Ground and Ship. Ground is a series of alien waves that try to take down the health of the city controller, culminating in boss fight. Once that is done, if the City Controller is still active, and there are at least 4 people present, raid members will be invited to assault the alien drop ship. This is an alien themed team dungeon that ends in a long boss battle of 9 waves of alien enemies.

Arid Rift

  • Location: Outzone: Central Hub
  • Range: 210-220
  • Notes: Arid Rift is a zone full of aliens! It contains a quest line for the Legacy of the Xan content, which gives missions that give SK and AXP. Additionally you can wander around in the canyons murdering aliens to your heart's content.

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