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The Interstellar Corporate Council / Confederation of Corporations Headquarters for operations on Rubi-Ka is located in Andromeda, and is Neutrally aligned. The largest spaceport on the planet, it is the first location in the open world of Rubi-Ka that newly made characters from Arete Landing encounter, as of Patch 18.7. The patch also made renovations to the buildings and additions to the populace.

RALPH has no time for your questions. Recipient of a delivery mission from Jonas in Arete Landing started after level 5, see above. Behind him is, sometimes, RALPH's boss Vincenzo Palmiero, who would dismiss you curtly if he was there, and with him, when he is there, an exquisitely modeled floating ball droid that gives out repeatable Daily Missions. The droid's extended absences would seem to pose some difficulties for those accepting its missions, when it comes time to turn them in

There is no land access to the ICC platform other than the single narrow gangplank to the north. The base of the platform is blocked by Arete Landing to the east, so you have to go to the west, follow the west wall north and then around east to the walkway. The ICC customs checkpoint at the entrance is a mere formality.


Present Day[edit]

The ICC operations on the planet were very low key beyond the maintenance of the Peacekeeping troops, but were recently stepped up in intensity, although their scope remains much the same. The HQ serves mostly as a travel stop off for those who are going to the Outzone Staging area or to the Battlestation.


In the earlier days of the HQ, other than servicing as the hub for the three different Whompah networks on Rubi-Ka, the HQ itself provided no services in the traditional sense. Now there are shops of every kind, most of them in the Shopping building, but there is also an Implants store with as much as Jobe Refined implants and clusters, a Phasefront (Enterprice) store with vehicles and Mechs, OFAB terminals, mission terminals, a Fair Trade store in the north west of the Holo Deck, a Bronto Burger stand west of FT, near the northwest corner, and others. Beware the Generic Nano terminal in the Fair Trade that (as of March 2018) sells Composites and SL maps and such at thirteen times the normal rate; all the rest of the Profession Nanos are normal price.

Certain hard to obtain items can be found, or only found, at ICC. Loose ammunition, ie sold by count, rather than as a Box of X Ammunition, can only be obtained in the Shopping building, from the Ammunition kiosk on the south side, behind Fia Lou.

Sites to See[edit]

  • The 'Unicorn Landing Beacon can be found at <patched>(3440,1309) and acts as a waiting point for those looking to catch the shuttle to the area.
  • The ICC meeting area at (3267,856) can be used by meetings for anybody.
  • The Grind Nightclub is commonly used for parties, especially those sponsored by Funcom.


  • the ICC Peacekeeper Commander could be found at (3264,899) in the HQ building and was looking for information on some groups of mercenaries seen in the Eastern Foul Plains. Peacekeeper Constad at 3280,919 appears to have replaced him.
  • At (3456,1231) stands Tibor "Rocketman" Nagy who is very eager to sell ammunition (including rockets) to those people fighting in the battle stations.
  • Steps of Madness: Zyvania Bagh, northwest of the Transportation building
  • Smugglers' Den: Des Morck, at (3258,940) in the Holo Deck building
  • Biomare: Cody Monkie, at (3232,945) in the Holo Deck building, with a mission to deliver to Captain Rik-Rak Jones in Biomare
  • Temple of the Three Winds: Windcaller Karrec at (3214,788) inside a shed, just west of the Shopping building. Annoying Dude walks around the Bronto Burger in the northwest and gives a clue to Karrec's hiding place. Maddy Cardile in the northeast, around and behind the Phasefront and Holo Deck buildings is fearful of the Temple Cult to the point of paranoia, believing the player is panhandling for him and refusing to enter dialogue, until the mission starts. Then her aloofness turns to condescension. Both can be intimidated with no bloodshed. The portal is in the shape of a raised relief of a face, not the glowing one from before. No item is given, and none needed; over 10K XP is gained. The log says you receive an item, but that must be some kind of behind-the-scenes remnant of the previous version of the mission. Karrec's tasks have a time limit, beyond which you must return and start the mission again. But if the mission was halfway through, he won't send the player off for infinite hamburgers, but pick up the mission where it left off.
  • Arete Landing: RALPH, Natalia Ackora, Fia Lou, Transportation Officer Darren Plush, Representative of IPS: Starter mission receiver and givers
  • RALPH is upstairs from Cody and Des in the Holo Deck building; the elevator is a glowing blue circle teleporter. RALPH has no time for your questions. His boss, Vincenzo Palmiero, has no time for your questions. His boss has no time to even be there, a lot of the time.
    • Retrieve purse from Thief in the Subway for Natalia Ackora, the lady to the left just outside the Arrival Hall. Target location is of course level capped at 25.
    • Fia Lou in the Shopping building: Mail Terminal learning mission from Fia Lou. "Read Your Mail" gives 3 QL 50 NCU chips and XP; a level 100 player gets about 3% of their XP to level.
    • Transportation Officer Darren Plush in the Transportation/Shuttle building has a Traveling learning mission. Walkthrough below, in the Darren Plush Mission section.
    • Representative of IPS in the Transportation/Shuttle building gives an introductory speech about Shadowlands.

Outside ICC, west of the platform (arguably in Andromeda):

  • Alex Marinos
  • Devin Ravagano

Mission Checklist[edit]

  • Special Delivery - RALPH
  • Stolen handbag - Natalia Ackora
  • The Windcaller's requests - Windcaller Karrec
  • Read your mail - Fia Lou
  • Grid mission - Darren Plush
  • Biomare delivery - Cody Monkie

Darren Plush Mission[edit]

Patch update "Lowered Darren Plush's bribe cost and requirement to start the quest", to ? credits and 75 Computer Literacy (CL) from 150.


Enter the Grid. To the East is a low platform, that looks exactly like the rest of the Grid architecture: dark blue and cubical. Tilt your camera down a bit, and you can see a light blue square on the top. Get up closer to the edge of the platform, click on the light blue square, and again. Quest done. Simple, right? What is it with people insisting tasks are simple when the nature of the task itself is obscure and has nothing whatever in common with any other task encountered before? Anyway... Do the officious man, and yourself, a favor and don't try taking the obvious way, via the Grid, to Borealis. He wants you to go via Whompah and <menacing music> HE WILL KNOW if you do not (that would be the "ICC Surveillance Software" hostile program running in your NCU). WITHIN THREE MINUTES: Go to Newland City. Go to Borealis. Go north from the Whompahs. Take a right, past the "Arms" Weapons store, to the Antiques & Stuff entrance. Pay 7,500 credits for the Essence of Old Jealousy. Right click on it. <continued later>