Illegal Cargo


Retrieve a shipment of illegal goods Box of Stims from the Smuggler's Den.

Level: 125-149


The Smugglers Den is filled with illegal activity, but the company has little solid evidence. Your assignment is to locate the crates in the hangar and bring back a sample of their goods.

Breaking and Entering skill will make your job easier, but it's not a requirement.


As with all daily missions, completing Illegal Cargo will yield a substantial amount of xXPp, along with a number of tokens equivalent to successfully completing 2 whole individual missions.


Proceed to the Smuggler's Den entrance (/waypoint 1752, 872, 615) by either flying all the way from Omni Entertainment, Steps of Madness, or by Fixer-griding to 7-L Southern Foul Hills. Once inside, clear or calm your way through all the mantis until you reach the first smuggler's room of the dungeon containing the turrets, probes, and guard dogs. On top of the ramp, there will be locked metal crates lying around (marked by the Smuggler Verstack blip in the map below). Attempt to lockpick them to retrieve the illegal cargo. If your B&E skill is too low, you must proceed all the way to the hangar, where there will be unlocked metal crates lying around (marked by the Smuggler pilot blip in the map below).

Once you have the shipment of cargo of Box of Stims Box of Stims, return to the agency and hand the illegal cargo to the receptionist to complete your mission. You may teleport to Borealis from the Smuggler's Den by proceeding to the teleporter located at Robin Raag.

Difficulty: Below Average for Sloobs. Above average as a Froob. Significantly faster and easier if B&E skill is sufficient.

Approximate time taken for run: 15 minute to 30 minutes, depending on B&E skill.

Map for this dungeon[edit]