Infestation Aegean


Use the Decoy Construct to lure out the Shy Eremite, then get rid of it.

Agency Old Athen

Level 1-24

Difficulty: Easy - Medium

Time: 15 minutes


There have been reports of eremite infestations in the south-west corner of Aegean, close to the Rhinoman Village.

Shy Eremites live underground, their tunneling slowly eroding the dirt underneath the forest. If not stopped, these tunnels could lead to a devastating collapse of the bedrock within the area, destroying the entire ecosystem. Your mission is to set up decoy devices in the following locations, to lure the eremites to the surface and ensure that their population levels are brought down to a minimum.

To complete this mission, you will need to purchase a Decoy Construct from the agency shop. To find an eremite, look for sand paths on the ground in Agean - Keep your eyes peeled and look for signs of eremites living along the paths. When you see signs of an emermite, use the decoy construct to lure the eremite to the surface for extermination.


  • Variable XP
  • Mission tokens


Run to the exact location in Aegean designated by the quest marker, then use the Decoy. The Shy Eremite spawns but will remain invisible. It will try to escape underground, so follow it by either having your pet attack it or by tracking it on your map with monster upgrade. Kill it when it pops out of the ground and return to the Agency for your reward.