Infestation Mutant Domain


Use the Decoy Construct to lure out the Shy Eremite, then get rid of it.

Agency Rome Blue

Level 1-24

Difficulty: Easy - Medium

Time: 15 minutes


There have been reports of eremite infestation in the north west mutant village in Mutant Domain.

Shy Eremites live underground, undermining the foundation of the forest. If not stopped, these tunnels may lead to a collapse of the entire zone. Please set up decoys in the following locations to lure them to surface and make sure the eremite population is brought down to a minimum.

To find an eremite, look for sand paths on the ground. They are swift creatues so be ready once you see a puff of sand.

You need to use the decoy construct and kill 5 eremites.


  • Variable XP
  • Mission tokens


Take Whompah to Omni Entertainment > Mutant Domain

Walk around the target location. When you see the message A soft thud is coming from below. stop and use the device Decoy Construct by right clicking on it or executing it from your hotbar.

It the creature runs away, use the follow command to chase after them when they run away underground.

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