Insurance Technology

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Insurance technology ensures that no citizen on Rubi-Ka need fear permenant death. At the moment of physical death, the insurance terminal creates and activates a clone body for the person experiencing said death--This body, in turn, acts as a beacon for the 'soul' of the original individual.

Insurance technology is proven to be 99.9% safe and effective through the ages of 21 - 75. Weaponry which can cause permenant death is available, but highly rare and very illegal.

It is also of note that all insurance terminals throughout Rubi-Ka are owned, maintained, and operated by Omni-Com, including those in use by the Clans. Direct mandate from ICC has stated that Omni-Tek must furbish the Clans with the same level of protection from permadeath as it does their own employees.


28845 : Omni-Tek scientists develop the first prototype for cell scanning technology, also known as Insurance. It allows a person to die, and be "reincarnated" at the moment of death. The scanner can only work on Rubi-Ka.


Insurance tech is related to the now-defunct system of 'Reclaim', which saved player's inventory items upon 'death', to be picked up by the player from Reclaim Terminals. Nowadays, technology has progressed to allow the items to be returned automatically to the new clone body. As of Patch 18.3, the Reclaim Terminals have been converted to Mail Terminals