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Maximum character level unknown


/waypoint 1913 1398 646 Tir County, Striking Ant Forest zone

You may have come across this little village, north of northwest of the west Tir gate, on the way to the Temple of Three Winds, and wondered why it was there. Since Windcaller Kerrac began teleporting players to ToTW a long time ago, long before he moved to ICC HQ, back when he appeared in Newland Desert, though, it is unlikely. The fastest way to Inventor Bobic, Nodda Gregg and even Commander Brock for Clan players is undoubtedly the Emergency Exit in The Grid, which, if you are Clan, will send you straight to the outskirts of Tir. Omni and Neutral players can either use The Grid exit in Tir, or Whompas from ICC HQ to Tir, but will be attacked on sight by Tir city guards, so using a HoT (heal-over-time) nano and/or a flying vehicle is advised.

Inventor Bobic is a somewhat reclusive and eccentric Neutral Opifex who offers characters a mission to track down electronic parts found in the possession of rare mutants. The reward is a Intelligence +3 head armor piece of Bobic's own design, and bearing his name. Bobic is also the target of Sam Chin's delivery mission, one of the Clan Starter Missions. Bobic's village is also the home of Nodda Gregg, who also is involved in both Clan Starter Missions and offers missions of his own.

If you wait until you graduate from To3W to do this quest, you might run afoul of the maximum level limit, which is unknown (below Title Level 3, at level 50, seems possible). The Notum Hood reward has many benefits, but be advised that, unlike the rewards from Nodda Gregg's Missions, it is very quickly, within 0-50 levels ( depending on the Twinking ability of the player), entirely replaceable by the Stalker Helmet

There are three parts to this quest, and the last part can be very time consuming as the 'Mutilated' monsters are rare among the other breeds, and 'Mutilated Eye-Q93's are even much more rare than the 'Mutilated Shade-Y42's or 'Mutilated Claw-C22's. So although the quickest way is to gather all three parts and then return to Bobic, weekend players may want to turn in the other two parts first, and finish the last later. The drop rate seems much improved, so this may not be necessary.

NOT the right breed of Shade, but a good example of their appearance
NOT the right breed of Claw, but a good example of their appearance
NOT the right breed of Eyemutant, but a good example of their appearance

Notum Hood of Bobic[edit]

Level: Level 29 and below can receive this quest. Level 31 and above characters previously could not receive this quest, but this has been changed. Whether characters above 30 can receive the reward is not yet known.
Side: No item restriction, but NODROP & closeby guard NPCs hostile to Omni
Class: Believed to be All (Shades cannot wear)

The Hood is a palliative to the lack of Energy and Radiation protection on Carbonum; unlike most armor and probably unlike any other armor, it is STRONGEST against those two types

Rewards: 1000 XP for each step,
Notum Hood of Bobic head armor
Notum Hood of Bobic

Notum Hood of Bobic
Quality level: SPECIAL
Requirements to wear:
Intelligence from 24
Psychic from 24
Not Shade

Location: Head

Intelligence 3
Max Nano 9
Chemical AC 50
Cold AC 80
Energy AC 120
Fire AC 80
Melee/ma AC 110
Disease AC 50
Imp/Proj AC 110
Radiation AC 120

This hood seems to be Bobic's own making.

All the items may be able to be collected before the mission begins, but definitely the second and third items can be gathered once the first part of the mission is given.

Flexible alloy legs Find Flexible Alloy Legs for Bobic[edit]

Drop from Mutilated Shade-Y42s. There was a pack of Shades in the leafless forest north of Bobic's village; it has been moved east to /waypoint 1950 1625 646. Attacking the pack is nice if you are high enough level to handle them attacking all at the same time. If not, pull with a pet, wait until one is far enough away from the others, kill one quickly and run, or just level up and return.

Brain Module X349 Find Brain Module X349[edit]

Drop from Mutilated Claw-C22s. These Claws are nearby the village, mostly to the east, generally more spread out than the Shade pack. A claw at /waypoint 1920 1550 646, about halfway to the pack of Shades from Bobic's position

Visual T.R.A.C Scanner Find Visual T.R.A.C Scanner[edit]

Mutilated Eye-Q93 monsters might well be found 'all over Tir County', but they would seem to be on an incredibly slow respawn timer and/or spawn randomly in far-flung locations. Success stories are few and far between and seem to be indistinguishable from sheer luck. The spawning location indicated by the German-language AO site Leets Online, however, is confirmed. Exclusive to AO Wiki is the actual coordinates of that location (fairly important detail, you might think) : /waypoint 1777 690 646 Tir County (Western Crownhead Expanse zone). Watch out for the lava. There are only two Eyes here; this is the western end of their patrol route east through the grassy and wooded southern border of the zone. They have a respawn timer of at the very least, an hour, and with no known upper limit to the timer, so cross your fingers.

Locations for Mutilated Eye-Q93s:

Two near by Bobic's settlement:

  • South and a little east of Bobic, in the woods with Mutilated and regular Claws and Shades, one spawn.
  • North from Bobic to the zone border, then east. In a wooded area.

The rest are mostly far South and West of Inventor Bobic, mostly in Western Crownhead Expanse zone:

  • 1996 1478 Tir County, very near Bobic's settlement. This may have always existed, and been continually killed by questers, or it may have been added in a patch. Slow spawn time
  • Area of: 1818 888 Tir Co. to 1750 950 . (1 Eye). South of the rock formation.
  • 1777 690 Tir Co. Also two Mutilated Claws
  • 1782 505 Tir Co (2 Eyes). 10 minute or so spawn time
  • 1724 434 TC (2 Eyes)
  • 1731 550 near a Tower Field. Also two Mutilated Claws
  • 1616 685 TC
  • 1174 1193 (2 Eyes)
  • 1242 570 (2 Eyes) west of Western Mountain Areas Tower Field. Also two Mutilated Claws
  • 1200 650 Further west, almost to Cuty the Reet's known position
  • 1008 500


The hood is unmatched by the majority of +Intelligence headgear at level 60 and below. Stalker Helmet is an excellent replacement with +5 Intelligence, easily wearable in the 50s levels and with the protection of much higher level armor.

This quest is repeatable, and because the Hood is not Unique, Bobic will give the player a new one each time the quest is completed. Unfortunately, the hood is No Drop.

Nice little bit of irony at the end, as Bobic bids the player to leave so that he can wait for someone to bring him the part that the player brought him first.

Giving Bobic parts at level 31 used to prompt a rejection from Bobic; the part returned to the character's inventory.

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