Jobe Research

Points of interest

  • East of where you are standing are 3 NPC Merchants wearing white.
  • Sdari Divine sells healing and nano charging equipment QL 1-90.
  • Arlean Cervenak sells weapons and ammo QL 1-50.
  • Gilitrutt Amacione sells can beverages.
  • Going North Across the bridge takes you to Nascence Frontier.
  • Going south through the door takes you to Nascence Training Grounds.
  • On the east side is the building "To 7010" where you return any Special DOJA Chip DOJA Chips you find for a hefty reward of XP.
  • In the same building, you can get a Shadowland Elite Daily Mission from Jozef Swia.
  • Following the directions on the map takes you to door that lead to Jobe Harbour.
  • When you jump of the edge of the Nascence Frontier you end up at Jobe Research at Pos: 826.0, 822.0 which is near the Door to Nascence Training Grounds.
Jobe Research City Map
Entrance to Jobe Harbour in Jobe Research