The most powerful offensive weapon in Omni-Tek's arsenal, the Juggernaut is one of the most feared "creatures" in the galaxy, both by the clans and by Omni-Tek's rival hyper-corporations. The five-foot thick notum reinforced armor plating has been combined with a wide array of offensive attacks, enabling the Juggernaut to withstand immense punishment while dealing it out against most AC types. Further, recent upgrades to the Juggernaut programming matrix have added a very formidable nano-chain to the Juggernaut's offensive and defensive capabilities.

There is also a boss Juggernaut called "The Iron Reet" in Mutant domain.

Mob Types: Prototype Juggernaut Goliath-Class Juggernaut Behemoth-Class Juggernaut Leviathan-Class Juggernaut


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