Kill T.I.M. Mission

Kill T.I.M. Quest

This is a mission in Biomare from a NPC in the Gamma sector, giving some extra experience to those who dare to challenge of Biomare's big boss T.I.M. in a cave below the Delta Sector.


Biomare Map


Evelynn Shead
Evelynn Shead

Evelynn Shead stands at position 382,215 in the front part of the laboratory, where you have a nice view on the huge slayer through the window. With Security Clearance ID Card - Gamma Clearance you can reach her without trouble with the guards.

She is seeking volunteers to shut down the uncontrollable war machine.

Kill Mission


Kill Mission

The huge slayerdroid with a huge healthbar and with decent damage is to be challenged.

It is not too easy to bring him down. You also have to cope with some other mobs in the room and there is almost no room to hide.

The remains of T.I.M. contain the following items.

HUD Upgrade: Enhanced Target Acquisition aka "TIM Scope"
HUD Upgrade: Personal S.T.M 35 to Electrical Engineering and Quantum Physics
Makes a good complement to :

From Crypt of Home, drop from Cerubin the Rejected:

Focus-Funneling Device Focus Funneling Device, until the FFD is upgraded into Focus Funneling Helper and supplants the Personal STM completely