Not aggressive, but will defend themselves and fellow Kuirs if attacked.

Corrupted Xan-Kuir in Pandemonium drop items used to create Tier Three armor pieces (Chosen Armor or Faithful Armor) for Adventurer, Doctor, Fixer, Meta-Physicist and Trader: Blue Glyphs of Ocra.

Blue Glyphs and their first upgrade, (adding Finely Refined Notum) can be used by any faction and can be carried in any quantity. Once combined with Insignia of the Chosen or Insignia of the Faithful, they can only be used to make the respective type of armor.

Corrupted Xan-Kuir are rootable mobs that cast nukes


  • Pandemonium


Blue Glyph of Ocra Blue Glyph of Ocra


Unique Encounters[edit]


  • Profession-Specific Mission Contacts at one of the three IPS buildings in Jobe

Quests / Missions[edit]

  • Independent Professionals Society Hall, Jobe. Exchange loot items for items used to make 'Faithful' or 'Chosen' Armor.


Finely Refined Notum Finely Refined Notum Note that FRN is UNIQUE, although the upgrade is not

Blue Glyph of Ocra - Revived Blue Glyph of Ocra - Revived First upgrade

Insignia of the Chosen Insignia of the Chosen Combine with Blue Glyphs for an item only usable by Omni

Insignia of the Faithful Insignia of the Faithful Combine with Blue Glyphs for an item only usable by Clan

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