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Salesman's Hat, which starts out as a regular item but can be upgraded with Tradeskills to become a Leveling Item

Leveling Items in Anarchy Online have an additional attribute that provides a way for them to remain useful for longer.

Right clicking on a leveling item will increase its Quality Level if the requirements to Use it are met.

Although not all leveling items are the best items, items are considerably better for having that attribute as well.

Players should take note of the requirements to Equip and Use. In the case of items, such as Morphing Memory and the Solar-Powered Pistol, where the requirement to Equip and the req. to Use (thereby leveling it a QL higher) are the same, right clicking can accidentally level the items beyond the character's capacity to wear them.

Another kind of item that remains useful for a long time is weapons with no Useful Skill cap, such as the Gamma Ejector SMG and the Customized Desert Reet pistol, both dropped in the Biomare 'dungeon' playfield.

Right clicking can change items into other items of the same level, as in the case of the Explosif's Polychromatic Pillows from the Alien Playfields, and the Collar of Amplification from Biomare.

Right clicking can also produce a second item, such as the coffee produced by the Miyashiro Superior Enhanced Coffee Machine and the Extruder Nutrition Bars produced by The Extruder.

Right clicking is sometimes part of a Tradeskill process, such as with some of the Chosen and Faithful Back Armor pieces like the Jobe Nano-Technician Support System


Some common leveling items, and where they are found, are:

Reanimator's Cloak


Leveling Items produced with Tradeskills, and locations of their components, are:

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NPC People[edit]

  • Zoftig Blimp of Hope, merchant who sells many tradeskill items including the 'Salesman's Hat'

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