• Running AO on Linux has been working for ages and is quite easy to do
  • The new engine is working as well but the Old engine has the more chance to be performant

Install Wine and Dependencies[edit]

  • Installation (For Debian based distributions)
apt install wine winetricks zenity cabextract winbind
  • Download MS packages using Winetricks
export WINEARCH=win32
winetricks dotnet20 corefonts fontfix vcrun2005 vcrun6

Install AO old engine[edit]

  • Download and install the Old Engine
cd /tmp
wine AnarchyOnline_EP1.exe
  • Run the game from the command line (or you if you ticked Add Desktop shortcut, you shoud have a shortcut in your OS)
cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Funcom/Anarchy\ Online
wine Anarchy.exe


Wine versions[edit]

  • It appears Wine 4 doesn't properly render the UI
    • 3.21 has some problem with Gnome multi desktop (crasshes when changing desktop)
    • 3.0.5 works fine!
  • If you can't downgrade wine you should use PlayOnLinux to install AO and the needed components above

HTML rendering[edit]

  • If the launcher is having problem rendering HTML, install wine gecko manually
Could not load wine-gecko. HTML rendering will be disabled.
sudo mkdir /usr/share/wine/gecko/
sudo wget -P /usr/share/wine/gecko/
sudo wget -P /usr/share/wine/gecko/

Mouse problem[edit]

  • Most of the time, upgrade Wine version is enough to make the mouse work like a charm
  • Activate mouse lag fix in F10 -> Controls -> Mouse -> Mouse lag fix