Lush Fields

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OT Airships over Harry's
Harry's, dockside. The rain helps keep Lush Fields lush

The area is bordered by Clondyke to the west, Pleasant Meadows to the east, and Milky Way to the north. It borders the Omni city zones, but not with teleport walls. The Mutant Domain zone lies completely within Lush Hills.

With its non-Political Zone 75% Suppression Gas state and both Omni and Clan grid exits, Lush Fields is something of a neutral zone between the factions.

The Omni-Tek dream: Lush Hills Resort

Lush Fields' is unique in having two grid exits:

The Lush Hills Resort grid exit is not a safe point for Clan; it is patrolled, although rarely, by a Scourge Class Slayerdroid. However, it is so much the furthest southern grid point that players may prefer to take the risk.

Harry's grid exit is close to missions in Milky Way and East Fouls Plains, and the closest grid exit for Clan players returning from the Steps of Madness dungeon to the south in the Omni Forest zone.

It also has four ferry terminals: one at Harry's in the north goes to Pleasant Meadows, another, 100 yards or so south of that goes to Omni Trade. A ferry terminal at the docks at the southeast Omni Outpost (3388 x 800) also goes to Pleasant Meadows. The rare Omni-Tek Gunship design of ground vehicle (pictured at the bottom of the Notum Wars section) floats at the docks (obviously a modified amphibious version). A fourth terminal, that links the northern Harry's terminal, is just across the Stret River from the OT base, and steps away from the west Omni Trade gate.

Famed Hunting Grounds from the early days of AO are in Lush Hills: The Pipes, areas Northwest and Southwest of Harry's, for low level teams.

A vehicle of the Omni-Tek Gunship design floats at the docks of an OT Outpost in the southeast of Lush Fields, across from the west Omni Trade gate

Omni characters venture into Lush Fields seeking the Bronto Drover Apprentice at 2890, 2905 during the OT Tailor's portion of the Omni Starter Missions, although this amounts to not much more than a ferry ride teleport from Omni Trade and a run down the road.

Two Omni-Pol Command Juggernauts, similar to the ones in Borealis, Avalon, and Temple of Three Winds (Guardian of Tomorrow) patrol the road that stretches east from the Lush Hills Resort to the Stret River bank Omni Outpost. They start at the Outpost at 3100 x 800 and head West, stopping just SE of the SW corner of Mutant Domain at 2328 x 808.

Land Control Areas[edit]

Level Range Coordinates Land Name
30 - 45 940, 3260 North West Lush Fields
20 - 30 2420, 3180 North East Lush Fields
10 - 40 3460, 2940 Stret River Island
40 - 60 1260, 2460 West of Outpost
Level Range Coordinates Land Name
35 - 60 1740, 2460 East of Outpost
20 - 30 1780, 1820 Central Lush Fields
10 - 15 2860, 420 South East Lush Fields
30 - 45 980, 380 South West Lush Fields

Map and Navigation[edit]

Omni-Tek's Juggernaut in Borealis; two such war machines patrol a southern road in Lush Fields

Map - Lush Fields Map requirement: 350
Players may buy the map upgrade 'Map - Lush Fields', to enable them to see all features of this zone on the PF Map. The Map Navigation skill requirement to upload this map is 45.


Lush Fields has a medium to low population of medium to low level species of common grassland and forest mobs. Mobs of note include:



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Loot and Tradeskills[edit]

A freighter's orbit passes over an Organization City in the northern lake region of Lush Fields

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