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Vanguard Special/Advanced Supermarket in Old Athen, facing Southwest. Clan Advanced Cars terminal selected

Luxury Shops come in two types: shops that offer luxury items only, and ones with Specialist Commerce terminals, better known as the Trader Shop.

Luxury items for Rubi-Ka residents are located mostly in major cities. Yalmahas of a random QL can be bought here. The lowest QL of Yalmaha is QL 30, requiring Vehicle Air skill of 81.

The Vanguard Shop 'Finest Edition' is such a common meeting place for Clan members in Old Athen on the Atlantean dimension (server) that it is shortened to the acronym 'FE'.


A (very) short list of some Luxury Shops. Needs expanding. See Talk. Note that kiosk terminals will refresh their inventory in 15 minutes if someone is in the shop, or in 2 minutes if the shop is empty

  • 'Finest Edition', 'Clan Special/Superior Supermarket' 370 x 500 Old Athen; Trader Shop. Two others on the same avenue of shops; one to the east and one to the west.
  • Tir, hidden luxury shop marked as many regular shops are, with a blue and orange 'General' sign, 480 558.
  • 'Tools 'n' Stuff', 'Special Quality Supermarket', Borealis 650 x 575.
  • Hidden shop in Newland City, 'Special Advanced Shop', 291 x 311.


  • Rome Blue 'Special Superb Supermarket' at 545x 340
  • Rome Blue 'Special Advanced Supermarket' at 545 x 289
  • Rome Green 'Special Superb Supermarket' at 413 x 340 near Jobe Whom-pah
  • Rome Green 'Special Advanced Supermarket' at 413 x 289 near Jobe Whom-pah
  • Lush Hills Resort 'OT Special/Advanced Supermarket' at 1528 x 539 Lush Fields.
  • Omni Trade 'Finest Edition' (Superior Cars, Trader Shop) at 231 x 492 located in West
  • Omni Trade 'Luxury Store' (Advanced Cars) at 335 x 204 located in South
  • Omni Trade 'Luxury Store' (Advanced Cars) at 573 x 222 located in East


Specialist Commerce Trader Shop[edit]

This terminal can only be used by characters with the Trader profession. Just as with the Fixer Shop, agents using 'False Profession: X' Nano Programs cannot use the Trader shop. Where found, the Specialist Commerce terminal replaces the Toys and Curiosities terminal.

Some of the more desirable items:
Cap of the Besieger Cap of the Besieger QL 15, component of Physician's Cap

Efficient Controller Recompiler Unit Controller Recompiler Unit QL 1 to 4. Repairs the City Controller in Organization Cities

Experienced Aviator Sunglasses Experienced Aviator Sunglasses +15 to Vehicle Air and Vehicle Ground.

Portable Market Interface Portable Shopinterface Using it opens up the Global Market Search. Trader use only, no FP.

Advanced Cars[edit]

Rubi-Ka Vehicles can be purchased here.


Items such as XT42 Audio Component System and Wonderful Cactus can be bought here and dropped in Apartments to decorate them.


This terminal incorporates items from various terminals in General Shops including Hacker Tool, Lockpick, and Mission Key Duplicator.

Toys and Curiosities[edit]

Sells 'A Leet Doll', 'Carioso Menthol Pseudo-Coffee Block' (nearly useless), and 'Fink Fragrant Morning Enhanced Coffee Block' (used to make the Miyashiro Superior Enhanced Coffee Machine). Replaced by the Specialist Commerce terminal (Trader Shop) in some shops.

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