Map terminal

List of Maps and Map Upgrades available in shops at the Map Terminal. These items add maps for their respective zones and map upgrades to the mini-map on the GUI. To equip these items your map navigation skill must meet their minimum requirement. Once equipped you don't loose use of the map or map upgrade. So using implants, ability buffs, and equipment to increase this skill is often used instead of raising the skill with IP points. You can reset you map navigation skill with one of the few IP resets your allotted but you will loose all maps and map upgrades. For help in finding maps and upgrades that you can equip but missed, use the web based tool "Missing Maps tool" to quickly identify them.

Zone Required Map Navigation
4 Holes 2
Aegean/Omni-1 HQ 56
Andromeda 80
Athen West 66
Avalon 350
Bay of Rome 120
Belial Forest 400
Borealis City 35
Broken Shores 270
Central Artery Valley 390
Clondyke 80
Coast of Peace 100
Coast of Tranquility 100
Deep Artery Valley 700
Eastern Fouls Plains 546
Full Athen Shire 71
Galway County/Galway Shire 56
Holes in the Wall 25
Lush Fields\Mutant Domain 45
Milky Way 235
Mort 300
Mutan Domain\4 Holes 100
Newland 98
Newland City 45
Newland Desert 45
Old Athens 45
Omni Forest\Greater Omni Forest 35
Omni-1 - HQ 200
Omni-1 - Trader District 25
Omni-1 Entertainment District 15
Perpetual Wastelands 700
Plains of Salt 346
Pleasant Meadows 75
Rome Blue District 50
Rome Green District 40
Rome Red District 56
Southern Artery Valley 270
Southern Fouls Hills 200
Stret East Bank 190
Stret West Bank 65
The Longest Road 140
The Reck 50
The Spur 100
Three Craters 200
Tir City 15
Tir County 35
Upper Stret East Bank 240
Varmint Woods 110
Map Reader Upgrade - Machines 50
Map Reader Upgrade - Monsters 130
Map Reader Upgrade - People 80
Map Reader Upgrade - Side 450
Map Reader Upgrade - Directional Arrow 25