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Saavick's Map of Rubi-Ka[edit]

Saavick's Map example

By Saavick 2015-2020.

SL Map[edit]

SL map example

Updated since 2015 by Bitnykk - based on Onack's AoSL


CSPMap example

1999-2008 Copyright - Creative Student Productions


  • List of old maps that are discontinued or not available anymore


Atlas of Rubika

Based on CSPMap updated, with more info(2007)

AoRK example


AoSL example

Demoder's PlanetMap Viewer[edit]

Display's the in-game planet map on a separate monitor. It supports all in-game maps and show multiple player locations.

For downloads and screenshots see Demoder's forum post Release Announcement: Demoder's PlanetMap Viewer or AODev Post Demoder's PlanetMap Viewer v1.2.2

Sphere Map[edit]

alternate link, since that one seems not to work: Rubi-Ka Map[edit] Rubi-Ka Big Map

AORS Map[edit]


Beta Map[edit]

This map was used in the Beta Testing source material, and is a good record for historical purposed but does not function as an in game map.

RK Beta Map