Master's Thesis

See Experimental Software, Mnemonic Courier, Prototype Formula and Scientific Breakthrough

Assignment Log


Talk to NPC to get experimental nano removed and earn the reward.

Agency: Rome Blue and Old Athen

Level 100 - 159


Your assignment is to test experimental software prototypes- Testing is simple, as all you need to do is have (and keep) the software nano running in your NCU.

Time is of the essence, as these experimental formulas are usually highly unstable. It will be in your best interest to go to the client responsible for the product as soon as possible.

Find our client Post-Graduate Caroline Poyser located in Clondyke.


  • Substantial amount of XP.
  • Mission tokens equal to two terminal missions.


Before starting on your trip, get healed 100% and have some First-Aid kits in your inventory. Once you reach Clondyke, 100 points of poison damage will be inflicted every few seconds, approximately a 20% faster tickrate than a Fixer long HoT. The mission requires the nano to continue running. Should the nano's three hour duration expire or the nano be removed from the NCU, the quest will fail.

The closest Grid exit is in Lush Fields; if this is not possible, there is another within Clondyke itself, about 20% further away to the North. Omni-Tek Slayer Droids are stationed near the exit. The nearest Clan-controlled grid exit is at Harry's. The mission destination is closer to the south zone wall, but since its closure with patch 18.6, there is no passage south to the Coast of Tranquility and thus no way to come in from the South.

When you find Carolyn Poysner somewhere in the area of the mission destination, give her the Agency NCU Analyzer in your inventory. This will terminate the poisonous nano running in your NCU and earn your reward.

Difficulty: Easy if you have a Yalm or are fast.

Approximate time taken for run: About 10 minutes.


All dialogue by FunCom, Anarchy Online


Player: I don't know, something doesn't feel right.
Player: What the hell did you do to me?
Player: I should've known better by now than to expect a nano to work as intended.

All same reply:

Post-Graduate Caroline Poyser: Really? That doesn't sound good. It's probably the sub-computron channel loop again. You see, it has a tendency to reach this state where--
Player: Ehhmm...this hurts?
Player: Make it stop, it hurts!
Player: Perhaps you can explain the details AFTER you make my legs stop hurting?

All same reply:

Post-Graduate Caroline Poyser: Oh, right. So sorry about that. I think upgrading to the latest version and resetting will help. Give me the NCU Analyzer first, please.
Post-Graduate Caroline Poyser: This won't take a minute.
She uploads a new nano to your NCU, and your legs feel lighter. The pain gives way to a slight prickling sensation.
Post-Graduate Caroline Poyser: There, I hope that's better, although you might feel a little numb for a few minutes. Frankly, I don't see how we're still having this issue.
wonder if the foldamer initialization process is somehow interrupted by one of the latest algorithms used to deploy the fascicle bonding...
that would possibly explain why the update process has been invalidated lately.

The queries after the nano is removed all have the same reply

Player: Can you explain the purpose of this nano to me?
Player: What exactly is it you do, again?
Player: What kind of experiment are you running here?
Post-Graduate Caroline Poyser: Hm? Why yes, of course. My name is Caroline Poyser. I'm a Nano Designer at the Duln Institute of Technology, currently doing my Masters thesis project in Nanoengineering and Design with a grant from Generetic, Inc.
In my research I studied an apparent trend among the inhabitants of Rubi-Ka to install more and more Whom-Pahs and other means of instant transportation, and linked it to the psychological effects of people feeling bored and isolated as a result of experiencing less of their surroundings. I found that as you made the time factor smaller when comparing the instant versus scenic form of travel, there was a point where a clear psychological benefit was added from travelling longer, but more interesting routes. In other words, the ideal form of travel is neither the long trek nor the instant teleport, but somewhere in between.
My Masters project is then to develop a nano program that can provide ordinary people with the means to realise their travel and transportation needs while still benefiting from sensory stimulation.