Measuring Ice

Founding Glacier Five


Parts 1 to 4

Founding Glacier Five asked you to visit the four environmental stations in south Penumbra and get today's data for the measured ice and snow values.

Remember that he asked for the combined value of the stations.

Time limit 9 to 11 hours for each part

Part 5

Now that you have visited each of the four ice stations you should return to Founding Glacier Five and tell him the combined value of the station measures.

Time limit 11 Hours

Part 6

Since you got the measures right, Founding Glacier Five seemed happy with you. Maybe he's got some more stuff for you to do?

Duration 8 Hours

Cash: 200000 credits
Experience: (Up to) 141 SK.
Item reward:
Incomplete Permafrost Melting Tool Incomplete Permafrost Melting Tool


There are 6 parts to this mission with a duration from 9 to 11 hours. Parts 1 to 4 have you finding an Environmental Test Unit numbered 1 to 4. There location appears as map marker. For it to their location. Each test unit has three responses; yesterdays, today's, or tomorrows estimated/actual ice. Your mission identities which one you need. When completed you will need to provide the total for requested measurement. While collecting the measurements, I copied the results to a notepad.

After the 4th unit, you will need to return to Founding Glacier Five at /waypoint 1856.1, 93.2, 4321. and provide the Yutto the sum of the measurements. After providing the correct sum, you will get part 6th of this quest.

Ask "So what else can I do here? Any more small jobs?" to complete this quest to get item reward of Incomplete Permafrost Melting Tool Incomplete Permafrost Melting Tool. You also get a new new mission The Goggles - part 1 and the item Yutto Field Glasses . There is no time limit on this new mission.

Environmental Test Unit 1
Environmental Test Unit 2
Environmental Test Unit 3
Environmental Test Unit 4

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