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Forget all that you have learned. Forget all that you have seen. As a Meta-Physicist you will know all there really is. You will learn how to harness your rage and your anger so you may use it against others or for the benefit of yourself. Through your growing cosmic knowledge of the universe and nano technology, you will be able to summon a manifestation to fight for you and a manifestation to heal your body. Technology has given us the weapon in our hands with which we can fight, but true power and knowledge lies in the form of our manifestations. Control your anger so you may further increase the abilities of your manifestations, thereby increasing its anger. All the non-believers shall taste that anger! Those that face you shall be stripped of their nano-based abilities, be frozen where they stand, and be bombarded with your energy. The fate of all those that face you is written in time. As a Meta-Physicist you will show them their maker. You are at once, both the beginning and the end.

Meta-Physicists, or Metaphysicists, have up to three floating AI pets under their control; attacker, healer, and Crowd Control. They spend less IP on 1HB, 2HE, Bow and Pistol Skills. Their Mind Quake line does a debuff to nanoskills sort of like Trader. They have the second best buffs to nanoskills in the game, with +140 points to the Trader's +147.

Meta-Physicist (MP) pets used to be on a timer. They would just fade out after a while and need to be recast. But now, like engineer robots, they stick around, so MPs can get wrangles to use much higher level pets. Use the ingame command /oe <player skill #> or /oe <skill requirement> to ensure that the MP's skill level is high enough to keep their pet from being Overequipped once the wrangle or Mocham's buff wears off



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