Miy's Nano Armor

One of the civilized Medusa elders

A desirable armor that gives many Skills and Abilities bonuses. Its largest bonuses are to Intelligence and Psychic, all of which is on the Head and Arm pieces. If trying to buff Psychic, it may not be worth it to find Nano Arms if other Miy's Arms are available, since the bonus is almost as high. It is rare among Armorsets in having weaker protection against ProjectileAC and MeleeAC than other damage types. Miy's Nano requires Intelligence and Psychic to wear.

Medusae drop only Miy's Nano Armor. Drills also drop Miy's Scary Armor and Miy's Tank Armor. Cyborgs and Mantises drop all six types of Miy's Armor.

All of these monster types can be found in missions; more often if the Chaos-Order slider is set to full Chaos, which reduces the number of 'human' mobs and increases 'animal' ones. Humanoid Medusae, as with humanoid Aquaans, count as 'animal' in this respect.

Savage and civilized Medusae are found in many areas, including their home territory, amidst the floating cocoon buildings on the east side of Deep Artery Valley. Cyborgs are common in Rubi-Ka outside areas, and have their own strongholds in Mort, Avalon (Cyborg Citadel) and Greater Tir County (Cyborg Barracks). The same with Drills in Deep Artery Valley (Drill Island).

Appearance and Features[edit]

Miy's Nano Armor Helmet
Miy's Nano Body Armor
Miy's Nano Armor Sleeves Miy's Nano Armor Gloves Miy's Nano Armor Sleeves
Miy's Nano Armor Legs
Miy's Nano Armor Boots
ProjectileAC: 2506
MeleeAC: 2506
EnergyAC: 3439
FireAC: 3439
ColdAC: 3439
RadiationAC: 3439
ChemicalAC: 3439
PoisonAC: 3439
Strength: 10
Agility: 15
Stamina: 15
Intelligence: 31
Sense: 10
Psychic: 30
Max Health: 687
Max Nano: 251
NCU Memory: 30
Nano Cost Modifier: -4
Nano Init: 34
Dodge Ranged: 32
Evade Close: 16
Nano and Aiding
Matter Metamorphosis: 12
Biological Metamorphosis: 11
Psychologigal Modifications: 11
Matter Creation: 11
Time and Space: 11
Sensory Improvement: 11
ProjectileAC: 3750
MeleeAC: 3750
EnergyAC: 5150
FireAC: 5150
ColdAC: 5150
RadiationAC: 5150
ChemicalAC: 5150
PoisonAC: 5150
Strength: 15
Agility: 22
Stamina: 22
Intelligence: 44
Sense: 15
Psychic: 43
Max Health: 1025
Max Nano: 375
NCU Memory: 44
Nano Cost Modifier: -5
Nano Init: 50
Dodge Ranged: 48
Evade Close: 24
Nano and Aiding
Matter Metamorphosis: 16
Biological Metamorphosis: 16
Psychologigal Modifications: 16
Matter Creation: 16
Time and Space: 16
Sensory Improvement: 16

stat compared to Carbonum Armor

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