Miy's Scary Armor

A desirable armor that gives many Skills and Abilities bonuses, that is the only one of the six varieties of Miy's Armor to drop from Anvians, and one of the three that drop from Drills. Cyborgs and Mantises drop all six types. Along with Miy's Tank Armor, it has the highest damage protection of the Miy's sets. It requires Intelligence and Sense to wear.

Like most of the Ability Clusters in implants, there are no conflicts between Intelligence and Sense clusters. The exceptions are Intelligence and Psychic, Sense and Stamina. Basic Head implants can have a Shining Intelligence and Faded Sense cluster added, giving the implant an Agility requirement to wear.

Appearance and Features[edit]

Miy's Scary Armor Helmet
Miy's Scary Body Armor
Miy's Scary Armor Sleeves Miy's Scary Armor Gloves Miy's Scary Armor Sleeves
Miy's Scary Armor Legs
Miy's Scary Armor Boots
ProjectileAC: 3439
MeleeAC: 3439
EnergyAC: 3439
FireAC: 3439
ColdAC: 3439
RadiationAC: 3439
ChemicalAC: 3439
PoisonAC: 3439
Strength (Feet): 10
Agility (Legs): 15
Stamina (Body, Feet): 25
Intelligence (Head, Arms): 31
Sense (Hands, Legs): 20
Psychic (Arms): 20
Max Health (All): 687
Max Nano (Body): 251
NCU Memory (Head, Legs): 30
Duck Explosives (Feet): 16
Dodge Ranged (Arms): 16
Evade Close (Hands): 16
Run Speed: 16
Perception (Arms): 22
Concealment (Hands): 22
Critical Decrease: 2
Resist Mezz (Body)
ProjectileAC: 5150
MeleeAC: 5150
EnergyAC: 5150
FireAC: 5150
ColdAC: 5150
RadiationAC: 5150
ChemicalAC: 5150
PoisonAC: 5150
Strength: 15
Agility: 22
Stamina: 37
Intelligence: 44
Sense: 30
Psychic: 28
Max Health: 1025
Max Nano: 375
NCU Memory: 44
Duck Explosives: 24
Dodge Ranged: 24
Evade Close: 24
Run Speed: 24
Perception: 32
Concealment: 32
Critical Decrease: 3

stat compared to Carbonum Armor

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