Surprisingly unaggressive Dragonriders, mounted and unmounted, go about their inscrutable business in the north of Mort

Cyborgs are in large numbers in this vast area of deep desert, as are a large number of the rarer species and factions of Rubi-Ka: Demons, Drills, Dragonriders, Eremites, Gunbeetles, Horrors, Omi and Worms, as well as the ubiquitous Anuns, Mantezes and Mantises.

The Sentinels' headquarters of Sparta is here in the southwest, and a separate Clan outpost is nearby, nearer to center of the zone. South of this base is a ghost town of mining buildings, which higher level Cyborgs have taken over as a base of operations; Mort is perhaps most famous among travellers for this installation. These 'Mort Borgs' are a favored foe of travellers, mercenaries, and soldiers of both factions, hoping to hone their skills.

The town of Hope, in the east of Mort, has a rich history and citizenry for such a small town, including being the supposed location of the first appearance of the Uncle Pumpkinheads and the Kyr'ozch aliens, and Zoftig Blimp, respectively. Whompahs there lead to Newland Desert and Stret West Bank, and are part of the small Neutral whompah network.

The town of Hope The tall white structure is a Terraforming machine

At least three of the great Terraforming machines that made Rubi-Ka habitable still operate with restricted function in Mort, one of them at the city of Hope itself.

An entrance to an isolated crater hideout of Cyborgs can be found at 860 x 2200.



The town of Sparta is the Sentinels' headquarters, and base of military operations for veterans and basic training for Clan recruits.


Significant loot, see Cyborgs and Worms (Sandworms)


A lone Clan Advanced Tradeskills Merchant plies his wares at 600 x 2880, next to presumably little-used Mission terminals. Another shop is at 1300 x 2565, a second, southeast of Hope, and a third north-northwest of Hope.

Land Control Areas[edit]

Level Range Coordinates Land Name
90-130 1460, 1940 The Resilient Forest - North
90-120 1900, 1540 The Resilient Forest - East
125-170 2780, 1380 Central Prowler Waste
100-125 1380, 1180 Central Resilient Forest
Level Range Coordinates Land Name
125-170 2860, 1020 Southern Prowler Waste
100-150 4020, 980 The Barren Hills
100-125 1740, 860 The Resilient Forest - South
50-75 2460, 540 The Silent Woods - East



Map Upgrades and Navigation[edit]

Map - Mort Map requirement: 300
Players may buy the map upgrade 'Map - Mort', to enable them to see all features of this zone on the PF Map. The Map Navigation skill requirement to upload this map is 300.

Perpetual Wastelands lies to the east; Newland Desert, to the south. There are no normal Grid exits, and three Fixer Grid exits. The grid exit in Meetmedere is very close to the southern border of Mort.


Zoftig Blimp 
Des Morck, Smuggler, former resident, now in ICC HQ 

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