Nano Technician Nano Programs

With enough Nano Initiative and their Area Effect Direct Damage nanos, NTs can do the real life magic of AO: insta-casting and Kiting: casting while running, so that the enemies chasing can neither land a hit nor stop themselves from dying.

Nanotechnicians get to Implant full Matter Creations, where Meta-Physicists and Engineers, Adventurers and Enforcers, all have to split the Head from the Eye and Right Hand to get Time and Space. So, given the same buffs, their nanos can be a bit higher.

Lack of documentation tempts the Nanotechnician into treating their entire line as a series of damage ranges and Cast / Cooldown times. But like all mages in all games, damage type is a hidden strength. The difference may not be as significant as often as we would like, and the early levels go by so fast that testing damage may give only academic benefits. But later on, and especially when the pool of diversity of enemy types dries a little (eg the only Dyna Camps at high levels are Cyborgs), there will be much more benefit to fitting the damage type to the opponent.

Nano Init mechanics have been changed many times in patches; and may be subject to change.

Nano Init[edit]

Mob inits & weapon speed could be deduced from casting Init Debuffs on them, but the information is not currently available
  • The Nano Attack Speed can be reduce to 0 ("instant casting") if you have enough NanoCInit and/or set your agg-def bar appropriately.
  • The Nano Recharge Speed is unaffected by inits or your agg-def slider position.

Area Effect Insta-casting[edit]

The supreme and unique achievement of Nanotechnicians is Kiting. While Nanotechnicians can maintain instant casting of low damage at early stages of their career, the prized instacasting of area effect spells will have to wait. Not long, and expert Twinkers can start much earlier, but it might be less work to level than to twink that hard. Temple of Three Winds maximum level would be a good place for fairly wealthy Froobs with a little bit of game experience to give their Twinking muscles a work out. Not the place itself, necessarily; all the big challenges there are solo, and there is nothing much to be gained from killing the greys.

Area Effect casting time starts at 2.63 seconds, even for the QL 4 nano. It does not get much higher than that, very quickly, so what this amounts to is a level/twinking limit. Above the level limit, or if you twink enough, you can instacast AE nanos, and will not have to twink or even spend as much IP again and below that or without it, you cannot. 376 Nano Init and Full Agg on the Agg/Def slider is required for this lowest, QL 4 Area Effect doing 13-26 damage in a 9 meter radius, and it only goes up to 3.61 casting for the QL 169 AE, doing 577-1163 damage in a 12 meter radius, or 572 Nano Init. For another, albeit lesser contrast, see that the former requires 36 Matter Creations and the latter, 775.


Nano Init mechanics have been changed many times in patches; and may be subject to change.

  • For every 200 nano init you reduce the cast time by 1 second (Up to 1200 nano init)
  • After 1200 you need 600 nano init to reduce the cast time by 1 second.

How the aggdef bar affect nano init

  • 0% = +1.25s
  • 25% = +0.75s
  • 50% = +0.25s
  • 62.5 = 0s
  • 75% = -0.25s
  • 100% = -0.75s


Failing Impregnability : 6.79s
Full def adds 1.25s
Failing Impregnability at full def : 8.04s
NI up to 1200 reduce 1s/200 NI = 6s
Remaining time = 2.04s
NI > 1200 reduce 1s/600 NI 2.04 * 600 = 1224 NI
1200 + 1224 = 2424 NI to instacast at full def.