New Dawn

Leader: Ruth Montezuma, before the appointment and after the death of Xeavier Humbold

Location: West Athens North

New Dawn as a clan has always believed in the diplomatic resolution of the disputes between Omni-Tek and the Clans. Probably the most peaceful of the Rebel clans, they reject the utter destruction of Omni-Tek. They have a clan house in Omni-1 and it is also rumored that they are in secret negotiations with Omni-Tek while retaining strong links with The Sentinels and The Knights of Avalon.

New Dawn was named by Omni-Tek as the perpetrator of the destruction of the Omni death ray in Borealis. While they seem the most unlikely suspects, and no evidence has been presented, the entire group has been declared illegal by Omni-Tek and are currently in hiding. As is common in long standing conflicts, groups often splinter into peacemakers and hardliners who will not only not accept peace, but will work to prevent it. New Dawn is obviously an example of the former, and their framing by OTAF shows that OTAF has become the latter.

Xeavier Humbold[edit]

The son of a Successful trader baron, who arrived on RK as a Clan allied man and set up a thriving business trading supplies from off world to supply both Clan and Omni-Tek outpost facilities. Although his dealings with OT supply officers was on the quiet, his reputation as a good business man kept him profiting and alive. As a young man in his early thirties, Xeavier traveled to these bases and took over many of the supply lines from his father. Having many among the OT and Clanner outposts whom he called friends, he strived to get them to come to terms with their differences. His diplomacy came to the attention of Ruth Montezuma, leader of New Dawn. He rose in the ranks quickly to stand as one of her trusted advisors; some also speculate that he passed through her bed at one point or another. As the Council developed, Xeavier acted as more of an observer and a watcher to gauge the temper and overall design of the Council. It was required of him that he speak up on behalf of his leader Ruth Montezuma who went into hiding after a Council disbanded hurriedly.