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Director-Grade Secretary-Droid of the kind used by Bureaucrats. Nano-texturing of the shell surface repels damage, so is more than purely cosmetic, although it is colorful

Servitor robots are ubiquitous, both friendly, Sided and Enemies that are renegades or criminal servants

A favorite robotic servant of the rich and/or powerful of Rubi-Ka, Ninja-droids' durability gives their owners time to escape or call the guards. For those concerned with appearances and standing, both their melee mode and humanoid appearance offer a more discreet aesthetic and weaponry that is more friendly to innocent bystanders than even the short ranged weaponry of hulking Warbots, or the giant claws of Slayerdroids. A thoroughly tasteful and prudent choice in robots for Bureaucrats.

Trimmers: ('Trimmer - Positive Aggressive-Defensive', Trimmer - Increase Aggressiveness, Trimmer - Improve Actuators, and other Alien Damage Trimmers can be used on Bureaucrat robotic pets with less restraint, if for less effect, than on Engineer robots, as Droids are tougher but inflict less damage.

A Data Collector droid in Biomare



  • Boosted Droid 165
  • 73-I Saboteur 170



-Line or Model Name -Nano QL -Droid Level -Line or Model Name -Nano QL -Droid Level
Bodyguards Secretary (cont)
Basic Secretary-Droid 96
CEO Guardian 215 Aides
Corporate Guardian (SL) 205 Director-Grade Aide-Droid 90
Director-Grade Bodyguard 169 Executive-Grade Aide-Droid 86
Executive-Grade Bodyguard 169 Supervisor-Grade Aide-Droid 83
Advanced Bodyguard 165
Supervisor-Grade Bodyguard 165
Faithful Bodyguard 162
Limited Bodyguard 162
Basic Bodyguard 159
Director-Grade Minion 156
Executive-Grade Minion 152
Supervisor-Grade Minion 152
Advanced Minion 149
Faithful Minion 146
Limited Minion 146
Basic Minion 142
Director-Grade Administrator-Droid 142
Executive-Grade Administrator-Droid 139
Advanced Administrator-Droid 136
Supervisor-Grade Administrator-Droid 136
Faithful Administrator-Droid 132
Limited Administrator-Droid 132
Basic Administrator 129
Director-Grade Secretary-Droid 123
Executive-Grade Secretary-Droid 119
Supervisor-Grade Secretary-Droid 113
Advanced Secretary-Droid 109
Faithful Secretary-Droid 106
Limited Secretary-Droid 99

Advanced Aide-Droid 80

Faithful Aide-Droid 76

Limited Aide-Droid 73

Basic Aide-Droid 70


Director-Grade Assistant-Droid 66

Executive-Grade Assistant-Droid 63

Supervisor-Grade Assistant-Droid 60

Advanced Assistant-Droid 57

Faithful Assistant-Droid 53

Limited Assistant-Droid 50

Basic Assistant-Droid 47


Director-Grade Attendant-Droid 43

Executive-Grade Attendant-Droid 40

Advanced Attendant-Droid 37

Supervisor-Grade Attendant-Droid 37

Faithful Attendant-Droid 33

Limited Attendant-Droid 30

Basic Attendant-Droid 27


Director-Grade Helper-Droid 27

Executive-Grade Helper-Droid 24

Advanced Helper 20

Supervisor-Grade Helper-Droid 20

Faithful Helper-Droid 17

Limited Helper-Bot 17

Basic Helper-Droid 14


Director-Grade Worker-Droid 14

Executive-Grade Worker-Droid 10

Advanced Worker 7

Supervisor-Grade Worker-Droid 7

Faithful Worker-Droid 4

Basic Worker-Droid 1

| Limited Worker-Droid 1





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