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Guard Nodda Gregg doesn't do much, but what he does do, he does a lot. He stands around, and he eats. Standing around is nothing new for NPCs, but Nodda Gregg's appetite sends the player looking for entire Brontos before it is satisfied. A nascent passion for the food service industry is not required, though; just take a look at the Stamina and Strength bonuses on the mission rewards. Added in Patch 14.5, this armor is now a buffing standard. If you want both +Strength and +Stamina, then Nova Dillon gloves and legs of QL 35 or over will do almost as good a job; until QL 101 Nova Dillon will not be better. If you want just Strength, then Sekutek Chilled Plasteel Armor gloves of QL 126 or higher will be equal, and QL 175+, better, while Rockcrusher Gauntlets Rockcrusher Gauntlets from Totw will also be better. If you want just Stamina, there is no equal to the legs on Rubi-Ka until Ljotur Pants of Cornucopia Ljotur Pants of Cornucopia.

Nodda Gregg's mostly lonely and mostly burger-less vigil continues, as shuttles carry supplies and passengers to and from orbital freighters and Tir

Nodda can be found at 1932 x 1497 Tir County (/waypoint 1932 1497 646), 'Striking Ant Forest' area. Nodda Gregg was once encountered by many players on their way north to the Temple of Three Winds from Tir. Windcaller Kerrac, in ICC HQ since Patch 18.7, is now the only way for all Sides to teleport to To3w, and is still the fastest way to travel to Nodda Gregg and Inventor Bobic's village for Neutrals who want to avoid death at the capable hands of the named Sentinels at the gates of Tir. If you are Clan, the fastest way to Inventor Bobic, Nodda Gregg and Commander Brock is undoubtedly the Emergency Exit in The Grid, which will send you straight to the outskirts of Tir.

Good sites for the two types of brontos and their drops (which are NODROP, so they cannot be traded) are both in the Newland area. Level 9 and 10 Minibrontos are found all around RK, at Bronto Farms including Arete Landing and the Aegean, 1320, 1980 in the Herders' Hole area, where there is a large corral full of them. Given ways to get there and deal with/prevent more adds than you've ever seen before (eg high level helper does less than half damage to them and pulls them to safety), this is by far the best place to hunt them. If the adds are too much (and be warned, they can add a considerable difficulty), Minibrontos are also found in large numbers in a 15-25 tower field across the lake from Newland City Gates. This visit can be usefully combined with the first part of the Rings of Tir mission: fighting the Fresh OT and Amateur OT enemies found at the north, northeast, and southeast sides of Newland Lake (unless they prefer the infinite respawn outside Tir). There is a Minibronto Ranch in the far East of the Aegean. Young Brontos (lvl 18-22) can be found by the oasis south of the whompa in Newland Desert. There is a Bronto Dyna Boss on the south side of the oasis. Brontos also drop six varieties of Bronto Hide, each making a different piece of the Bronto Hide Armor set. Enforcers especially benefit from three of the varieties, even at low level, as the Eyemutant Sinew Armor pieces made from them can be upgraded all the way to a level 200 equivalent armor.

The two missions can be completed with only one visit to Berta and one to Nodda, with sufficient preparation. It is easiest to get the Bronto Meat and Bronto Prime Rib first, then exchange it for stew and a burger in Tir, then get the missions and complete them in the same visit to Nodda Gregg. Can be usefully combined with Inventor Bobic's Missions, in that Nodda Gregg and Inventor Bobic are found in the same village North-northwest (NNW, between North and Northwest) of the western gate of Tir. The level limit is unknown. Inventor Bobic used to have a limit of level 30, but acquiring that mission is now possible at levels over 30. Receiving the reward is another matter. This mission is repeatable; as the armor is not Unique, Nodda Gregg will give the player additional items when the mission is completed again. Unfortunately, the armor is No Drop.

Brontos live and fight in herds and wander; pull them far away

Get Nodda some bronto stew[edit]

Whether the character is optimistically hoping for Gregg's sake that the Bronto stand is open for business, or eager to please, telling Nodda what he wants to hear or, as intended, actually having met Berta previously (which is the best way, if you then got Bronto Meat), the dialogue option that pays is saying Yes. Nodda sends the player to get stew. The Bronto chef in Tir (Berta the bronto-burger-flipper), though, has way too many logistical problems to fill this order; the player must find Bronto Meat. She will say this if you never met Nodda, and most importantly, she will say this if you already killed every Minibronto you could find for an hour and got Bronto Meat already. Now that's convenience food. Especially for Neutrals, who would usually die each time they enter or exit Tir by the gates.

There is a Young Bronto dyna camp south-southeast of the Newland Desert wompah with infinite Brontos. Brontos are eager to defend or avenge their brethren, so choose targets carefully.

Give Berta Bronto Meat Bronto Meat It is a NODROP item, that cannot be traded. Note that the box to trade the Meat to Berta is not the usual player trade one

To receive Bronto Stew Bronto stew give Nodda the Bronto Stew, also NODROP

Nodda Gregg will bestow Loose-Fitting Hydraulic Gloves upon the player.

Minibrontos are very low level

Get Nodda a bronto-burger[edit]

West of Newland, on the far side of the lake, is a tower field filled with Minibrontos that drop the required Bronto Prime Ribs. They are in amongst level 11 and 12 Minibull Calfs, and there is a considerably sparser scattering of Minibrontos to the northeast of there also. The recluse in Arete Landing is not the only one herding Minibrontos; there is a Minibronto Ranch in the far East of the Aegean - so far, it is almost certainly faster to go west-southwest from Newland. Bronto prime rib

As before (and it works if you give them both at the same time), neither Berta nor Nodda need be consulted beforehand; just show up with Bronto Ribs or Burger.

Give the Ribs to Berta to receive a Bronto Rib BurgerBronto rib burger

Nodda Gregg will bestow Solid Steel Hydraulic Legwear upon the player.


*Loose-Fitting Hydraulic Gloves

Loose-Fitting Hydraulic Glove


Agility 20
Stamina 20

Strength 4
Projectile AC 35
Melee AC 35
Energy AC 20
Chemical AC 40
Radiation AC 20
Cold AC 25
Poison AC 25
Fire AC 25

*Solid Steel Hydraulic Legwear

Solid Steel Hydraulic Legwear


Agility 27
Stamina 27

Stamina 5
Projectile AC 80
Melee AC 80
Energy AC 35
Chemical AC 80
Radiation AC 35
Cold AC 65
Poison AC 65
Fire AC 65

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