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Notum is a substance unique to Rubi-Ka and the Shadowlands, and allows for the use of insurance technology, nano programming, and the fecundity of the Nano Mage breed. On Rubi-Ka Notum commonly seen as crystals ranging from translucent blue to cloudy gray, but in truth it is found in everything from minute particles in the air, to large ore like veins in the ground. In the Shadowlands, Notum forms less commonly as crystals and more commonly as a cloudy silver liquid that the ancient Xan pumped from the ground. It is suspected that all Notum originally came from the Source.


Notum has been suggested to be temporally persistent based on Unukah Mars' Notum Time theory, which suggests that notum always exists in all spaces it has ever occupied throughout time, but can only be perceived by humans in one place at a time.

Notum appears to have some metallic characteristics in that is can be drawn out into a wire, conduct energy, and its shape beaten out and alloyed or layered with other materials.

Notum has the strange ability to exist in a solid and liquid phase at the same point in time

Nanotechnology that interacts with notum seems to react more naturally and some what instinctively to human thought and desire.

Some Nanomages, such as those in the Nanomage Liberation Front have suggested that contact with notum allows them to access of a sort of super consciousness of the planet of Rubi-Ka

Game mechanics[edit]

Notum is drawn from the air to create replenishment for nano programs; there is a Generic nano program, Nano Restoration, whose effect is also a component of the Composite Medical Expertise nano (previously SL only, now Froob also). The more sophisticated of these 'Nano replenishment' programs are used by Bureaucrats, Metaphysicists, and Nanotechnicians.


See Notum Chip

Note that there is a quest item used in the sided shoulderpads quests, Scrap of Notum, that looks exactly like a Notum Pellet. See First Clan Shoulderpads Quest and First Omni Shoulderpads Quest.

Ironically, Notum is not a harvestable item ingame, as Carbonrich Rock is

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