Notum Tree

Special notum tree.jpg

One of the landmarks of Rubi-Ka] in Avalon; a location that sends the player to as part of the Secrets of Rubi-Ka mission

The tree stands over a small Carbonrich Rock field, level 10-110, but mostly 50-80, at coordinates 2446, 1317 . A small number of low-to-medium rocks with a fast respawn. No nearby creatures

Another field, level 10-110, is at 1672 x 763 Avalon, with the higher QLs guarded by Nanofreaks


Secrets of Rubi-Ka mission:
"Welcome to the Notum Tree. This disk will provide you with some information about one of the most unique sights on Rubi-Ka.
The Avalon Notum Tree is a mystery. Despite several scientific studies, no one has been able to explain how it is possible for a tree to grow here, in the very high soil temperature. Neither can anyone logically explain its unique appearance.
Growing in the midst of an active lava lake, the leaves of this tree have a 87.5% higher notum saturation than any other known plant or fungi on Rubi-Ka. As a result, its leaves are glowing blue, visible from a distance even in the middle of the night.
Many attempts have been made to harvest the leaves or to take samples to regrow the tree, but the notum concentration withers instantly when removed from the tree, and it has proven futile to grow a clone anywhere else.
To this day, the notum tree remains one of the mysteries unique to Rubi-Ka."