Old Athen

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/tell someone you will meet them at 'OA hill' and they will come here. Looking northeast towards the north end of the row of shops on the east side of OA
A different view of Athen, from "OAG" (Old Athen Grid) the area next to the Grid exit at 520 x 570 . Looking west; just beyond the central clump of trees is the Mission Agency

Old Athen was completed in 28850 under the name Omni-2 due to severe overpopulation in Omni-1. In 28860 Omni-2 was partly destroyed and flooded due to the malfunctioning weather control system. Repairs began immediately.

Within the space of three years, violent suppression of their workers not only sowed the seeds of the very liberation Omni-Tek sought to prevent, but saw it grow. The Omni-Tek Manual Laborers Guild strike of 29199 was put down by Omni-Tek troops, as was the uprising of 29201. But in 29202, workers formed the first Clans.

Four years later, the Clans began open revolution. Two years into the first Rubi-Ka'n civil war, Omni-2 was taken over by Clan forces and renamed to Athen, after one of the clans leaders who died in the attack. Since Omni-Tek's signing of The Clans Rights Treaty in 29223, Old Athen is officially recognized as belonging to the Clans by all parties on Rubi-Ka.

In 29479 the whole city was completely overhauled thanks to large investments of the Vanguard clan. Today Old Athen is a very popular Clan city. Local governance and security is provided by Vanguard.

Old Athen is, like Omni-1 and Omni-3 aka Rome, a walled city. Athen Shire lies mostly to the west of Old Athen, but borders part of its impassable walls. Athen Shire surrounds all of West Athen other than its border with Old Athen. The rubble and wreckage of Wartorn Valley lies to the east.


An avenue of Basic, Advanced and Superior General Shops, runs from the western marble walls and their arched gates northeast to the Vanguard headquarters building, where Ramon Bauer stands at 500 x 570.
Mission terminals at 420 x 450, 444 x 333, and 220 x 400. Save and Reclaim Terminals at 480 x 470, 440 x 460, 580 x 410, and 360 x 280.
The Grid terminal is at 513 x 572.
Global Market Search terminals are in the center of OA, on 'OA Hill'.
A whompah in the south (468 x 322) has routes to Bliss in The Longest Road zone, the Clan Capital of Tir, and the arid Wailing Wastes.
The whompah in the southwest links to Jobe Platform in the flying city of Jobe.

Multiple GMS terminals and the utterly unmistakable and unmissable landmark of a titanic ancient tree in the center of Old Athen make the area known as 'OA Hill' a common meeting place. The other is the Luxury Shop 'Finest Edition' at 370 x 500, owned and operated by the Vanguard clan.

Old Athen has exits to West Athen (at 200 x 400 on the PF Map), and Wartorn Valley (at 600 x 400 on the PF Map).

People and Missions[edit]

  • Stella Barnes, Gauntlet Buff NPC, south of the whompahs
  • Arbiter Herald directs players to Arbiter Vincenzo Palmiero's robot assistant RALPH in the Holodeck building in ICC HQ with "The ICC Arbiter" mission and marker.
  • Ramon Bauer, an NPC for the Omni version of the Uncle Bazzit AI Expertise 3 Mission stands at 500 x 570, in front of Vanguard Headquarters.
  • Callista Zazzera next to the whompah to Tir at 440 x 305 gives a repeatable quest that is the fastest XP of all the Clan Starter Missions

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