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The Omni-1 areas more closely resemble the stark and stately Rome Red, here pictured, than the heavily ornamented Rome Blue, pictured below

Omni-1 comprises the areas of Omni Entertainment, Omni HQ, and Omni Trade, all of which are built in an retro-futuristic art Deco style.

Before Arete Landing gave all new characters an Omni-Med Suit, Clan players would have to find some way of buying the suits sold here.

Omni Entertainment[edit]

This is the Entertainment section for Omni-1. Aside from apartments and a wide variety of shops this district also contains two bars and a PvP arena (0% suppression gas) located at the center.

The two Grid Access terminals are located at the eastern and southern end of the main city.

The Whompahs connect it to Rome, Mutant Domain, Omni Trade and 20K.

Playfield exits are to the west leading to Omni HQ and to the east leading to Omni Forest.

The "Spoiled Brat" in the northeast park is an NPC for the Fixer Grid Mission

Omni Entertainment.png


What (Name) # What (Name) #
Main Grid Exit and Access 35 Advanced Augmenter 12
Secondary Grid Access 8 Advanced Augmenter (Big Foot) 28
Mission Terminals 10 Superior Shop (Emporium Equipment) 6
Global Market Search 9 Superior Shop (Tools n Stuff) 18
Bank 19 Superior Pharmacist (Omni Med) 26
Basic Shop (General Store) 5 Superior Weaponsdealer (Optimum Survival) 23
Basic Shop (Emporium Equipment) 3 Superior Armorer (Friend or Foe) 32
Basic Shop (Nano Department) 27 Superior Augmenter (Omni Med) 25
Basic Pharmacist 4 OT Tailor (Fortune Corner) 17
Basic Weaponsdealer (Chop Shop) 16 OT Tailor (Amandas Boutique) 21
Basic Weaponsdealer (Mojos Weapons) 30 OT Tailor (Rocking Shoes) 22
Basic Armorer (Barlys Armor) 31 Miir Fashion 33
Basic Augmenter (Salvatore) 29 Advanced Specialist Shop 2
Basic Augmenter (Mr Inca) 34 Superior Specialist Shop 1
Advanced Shop (Emporium Equipment) 7 Baboons 14
Advanced Pharmacist (Pharma Zuut) 20 Rompa Bar 15
Advanced Weaponsdealer (Dreadlock) 11 Bridge to Omni HQ 24
Advanced Armorer (Dreadlock) 13

Omni HQ[edit]

Omni-1 is more likely to have advertising banners than the Art Deco / Ancient Greek Revival ornamentation of Rome Blue seen here

The Headquarters of Omni-Tek on Rubi-Ka, a PvP zone filled with Omni Guards on an Island. Access from the Grid (3rd Floor) or from West Omni-Trade.

Omni Trade[edit]

Whompahs from here lead to the Omni Entertainment, Galway Castle, and ICC zones. The OT Tailor NPC located near the whompahs is involved in two of the Omni Starter Missions.


Mustrum writes:

"The dream of every city planner. From the slums in the west to the restricted area and catch disreputable site (arena) in the center can be found in this hotbed of decaying imperialism everything the heart of a tourist.Fortunately, each traveler with a fear of virus-infected people / Trox / Nanomag / Opifex plenty of room to get out of the selfsame way - Omni decision is in fact strongly for some time now orphaned.
"The reason for this failure is likely to Omni Tek for planning and marketing of the infrastructure measure, "Living at home 20 195" to be.One example of many of the senseless waste of resources and inadequate internal company controlling budgets.