Omni-Med Suit

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The Omni-Med Suit offers no protection, but its bonuses to Treatment (+78 for the whole set) are useful even at the highest Player Levels. No AO items exist that can exceed any of its bonuses other than Biomech Armor boots, and any helmets with Treatment or First Aid, since the Suit has no head piece.

Omni-Med Suit set in a vacuum pack is a reward from Arete Landing; on Rubi-Ka, pieces are only sold by Omni clothing terminals and OT Tailors. They are offered as mission rewards at any level; most commonly at lower level, as the Medsuit comes in only one QL, QL One.

The Body and Legs pieces are available in a second design for female characters, although the legs design is more like short pants than the skirt that is suggested by the icon; not particularly fashionable, perhaps, but not an obviously feminine garment.

Body 20, Gloves 10, each arm 14, trousers/skirt 14, boots 6. If a slot is required for buffing an Ability, obviously boots is the place to start, and then gloves.

Appearance and Features[edit]

Appearance (male version)[edit]

Omni-Med Suit Shirt
Omni-Med Suit Sleeves Omni-Med Suit Gloves Omni-Med Suit Sleeves
Omni-Med Suit Trousers
Omni-Med Suit Boots

QL 1[edit]

ProjectileAC: 0
MeleeAC: 0
EnergyAC: 0
FireAC: 0
ColdAC: 0
RadiationAC: 0
ChemicalAC: 0
PoisonAC: 0
Treatment: 78
First Aid: 78

Values compared to Carbonum Armor

Treatment Bonuses[edit]

Treatment bonuses, with easy alternatives:
Head: No Omni-Med piece available

Augmented Biomech Armor Helmet Biomech Armor Helmet has a maximum of 10

Stalker Helmet Stalker Helmet at lower levels, for a fixed bonus of +5

Physician's Cap Physician's Cap Leveling Item for +3 to +6.

Back: No Omni-Med piece available

Augmented Biomech Armor Cloak There are various alternatives, up to +50, but froobs under level 200 will get good use from the Biomech Armor Cloak for maximum of +10 Treatment and First Aid.

Cloak of the Reanimated Healer (5/5) Title level 6 and up froobs can use the Cloak of the Reanimated Healer for up to +13.

Body: Two styles with the same bonus:

Omni-Med Suit Shirt Omni-Med Suit Shirt +20 Treatment, First Aid

Omni-Med Female Suit Shirt Omni-Med Female Suit Shirt Same bonus as shirt. Like all female armor, it is applied to the character as a texture, not a textured model, so it does not bestow breasts, only a low neckline.

Sleeves: bonus counts twice

Omni-Med Suit Sleeves Omni-Med Suit Sleeves +14 Treatment, First Aid


Omni-Med Suit Gloves Omni-Med Suit Gloves +10 Treatment, First Aid

Two styles again, Trousers and Skirt:

Omni-Med Suit Trousers Omni-Med Suit Trousers +14 Treatment, First Aid

Omni-Med Suit Skirt Omni-Med Suit Skirt Same bonus as Trousers, looks like short shorts.

Boots: OT and Biomech

Augmented Biomech Armor Boots Biomech Armor Boots +10 Treatment and First Aid

Omni-Med Suit Boots Omni-Med Boots at +6.


Characters created after Patch 18.7 usually have a suit from the Arete Landing main mission line, and those created before have usually acquired a medsuit already. Before this universal availability, Clan players generally overcame the restrictions on medsuits somehow, rather than do without them. They would pay high sums for medsuits; players of all three sides commonly created Omni characters to buy the medsuits in Omni territory, and bring them to a neutral location such as Borealis to transfer or sell. Transfers are completed with the help of a third character, or a second character on a second account, either in windowed mode or using Alt-Tab to switch from one screen to another.

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