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Omni-Tek is the largest hyper-corperation in the universe and controls vast interests and planents in a variety of star systems. Omni-Tek has the lease on Rubi-Ka and originally operated all the Notum mines on Rubi-Ka until the miners began to rebel because of disputes over working conditions in the Notum mines. It was about this time that the Clans began to form and countless Rubi-Ka Civil Wars began. Today Omni-Tek is in control of the southern part of Rubi-Ka.




Both, the planet on which Omni-Tek as a whole is headquartered, and the highest authority of Omni-Tek. Both, the lightest and the firmest hand on affairs of the planets which it administers, as its part in the training and appointment of Tarkhan Zora shows. The death of Zora may indicate a waning of their influence on Rubi-Ka, which would almost certainly lead to attempts to reestablish control.


The Administration section of Omni-Tek's operations on Rubi-Ka is unique to the planet, although similar cells exist on other planets and locales, operating with the same name and with the same goals. However, none of these cells are officially tied together other than the fact that they only answer to Omni-Prime. Omni-Admin is staffed by comparatively few people to other departments, and by hand-picked personnel to avoid power struggles internally. They are the second-highest authority on Rubi-Ka, subordinate only to Omni-InternOps.

Omni-Tek Armed Forces[edit]

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The Armed Forces division of Omni-Tek, Omni-AF once began where Omni-Pol ended. Now it is closer to the other way around. Omni-AF is a corporation-wide entity and handles everything from guarding internal facilities and employee-only cities and planets, to wide-scale action such as attack, defence and tactics in Omni-Tek's war with the Sol Banking Corporation. They operate under the control of Omni-Prime, however, they answer to the highest available authority when not told otherwise.

Arguably, OTAF assumed control of Omni on Rubi-Ka with the death of Philip Ross and appointment of the career OTAF Commander Tarkhan Zora as CEO. With the death of Zora, OTAF rule has become indisputable and overt, with new CEO Bahirae Serugiusu's announcement rescinding Omni-Pol authority: "Riot-Specialists are henceforth identified as the governing police force on Rubi-Ka alongside Omni-AF."[1][2]


The communications portion of Omni-Tek's Rubi-Kan operations is one of the most shrouded in darkness, trailing only Omni-Reform and Omni-InternOps in its secrecy. One of their more well known endeavours is running the Grid transit system in cooperation with Omni-Trans, who initially had some part in developing the necessary technology. Given the nature of the Grid, Omni-Com was more recently put in charge of information technology on Rubi-Ka; their experience in running vast computer systems is vital to such projects. The first major project they were given after developing the Grid transit system, as a part of their I.T. assignment, was handling the allocation of resources for maintenance and further development of Insurance Technology. Omni-Com also handles communications on and off the planet, be they local radio or larger arrays spanning the solar system. Their communications interception operations ostensibly monitors only Clan activity, but this seems unlikely, as there are no known legal or even practical limits on their operations, which extend to electronic warfare.


Insurance terminals create a clone body and a beacon for the 'soul' of the insured dead. Terminals are owned, maintained, and operated by Omni-Com. The ICC ensures that Omni-Tek furbishes the Clans with the same level of protection from permadeath as it does their own employees. Whether Omni-Com was also responsible for 'Reclaim', or operates the new system of returning items automatically to the new clone body, or the Mail Terminals that replaced Mail Terminals, is unknown.


Omni-Engineering is, by far, the largest department operating on Rubi-Ka. Like Omni-Tek on Rubi-Ka, they are but a cell of a larger, corporation-wide entity that develops Omni-Tek's technology. Omni-Mining and Omni-R&D fall under the direct jurisdiction of Omni-Engineering, though each department operates on its own once orders from Engineering come down. Omni-Engineering assigns tasks to these two departments; R&D for research, and mining for the materials needed to build. Omni-Engineering its self is solely responsible for construction and implementation of R&D's findings via the use of Mining's resources. Omni-Engineering was the first department to begin fully functioning on Rubi-Ka, setting up the first mining operations there and implementing Omni-Med's biological developments to begin the process of terra-forming.


Omni-InternOps is the highest authority on Rubi-Ka, answering only to Omni-Prime and Philip Ross. They are the Omni-Tek's corporation wide human resources department, and work on such things as training and education of new recruits, internal news/media broadcasts, job placement, reports to Omni-Prime and internal investigation of those suspected of high crimes such as treason. Not much is known about the entire spectrum of InternOps operations, but InternOps agents and administrators are typically highly inquisitive, curious and observant.



Treatment of the sick and wounded, monitoring insurance and cloning systems, developing implant technology and first-aid, stim and treatment technologies are the primary duties of Omni-Med. Comprised entirely of internists, Omni-Med runs hospital and treatment facilities, as well as performing monitoring and maintenance of the treatment and surgical facilities found in shops planet wide. In addition, Omni-Med was one of the first departments on Rubi-Ka to begin taking broad technical steps toward the future. Omni-Med is solely responsible for the conceptualisation and creation of the Homo Opifex, Homo Nano and Homo Atrox deviant breeds, as well as almost all of the plant and animal life found on Rubi-Ka.


A digital Billboard display featuring an advertisement for Omni-Mining, in the style of Earth World War I propaganda (usually recruitment) posters

This department oversees all mining operations on Rubi-Ka, Notum and otherwise. They also handle the allocation, out-of-corporation sales, and on-planet transportation of raw materials on Rubi-Ka. Due to a minor technicality that pre-dates Clan uprisings, Omni-Mining operates as an arm of Omni-Engineering, but has its own independent leadership. In addition, they have their own internal goals that include, but are not limited to, anti-union enforcement and control of policing activity in mines and their associated facilities. Omni-Mining was once a quaint, quietly-run department, but once it was discovered that Clan activity originated in their men, they became much more authoritative and rigid.


Omni-Pol was, until recently, Omni-Tek's most visible department. A corporation-wide establishment, Omni-Pol is responsible for public safety and protection on all planets and in all cities and facilities that are accessible to both Omni-Tek and non Omni-Tek persons. Omni-Pol also handles law enforcement internally, along with Omni-InternOps. Amongst their ranks are, most commonly, guards and foot officers. Omni-Pol also has an expert investigation force, and handles judgment and execution of sentence both internally and externally.


Division Six or "Directorate Six" were hand-picked by Philip Ross and served as his personal troupe of enforcers, carrying out a policy of assassination and intimidation. Tarkhan Zora cracked down on Ross' activities, busting the members of D6 down to the rank of private.


The R&D wing of Omni-Tek's Rubi-Ka operations works hand-in-hand with Omni-Engineering to develop and build tomorrow's war machines. In addition, they are also in charge of Nano formula development, which was once a side-project of Omni-Engineering, but was turned over to R&D's more skilled scientists by rule of Omni-Admin.


Omni-Reform has more duties and tasks than any other department on Rubi-Ka. Those that are not classified include maintenance of prison and re-education systems, propaganda and information warfare, misinformation, sabotage/espionage and anti-terrorist activities. Omni-Reform officials ensure that employees remain loyal, while tending to the ones who do not. Standards for admission to Omni-Reform are unbelievably high, so much so that most people tend to believe that the people who are in it were trained for it from birth; which is not entirely untrue.



Omni-Trans is where 7 out of 10 educated recruits on Rubi-Ka as of current statistics. The necessary manpower goes up as the usage of Rubi-Ka's transportation demand goes up and, as the population on the surface grows, more men and women are needed to man the systems responsible for the Whompah system and for off-planet transport of goods and raw materials from Rubi-Ka. Omni-Trans work closely with Omni-Com, which runs the Grid and all on and-off-planet communications.

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