One Who Has Achieved Glory - Gather Red Hat fungi


Gather Red Hat fungi.

One Who Has Achieved Glory has requested that you help him gather 5 Red Hat mushrooms. He said you should find them in the area nearby.

When you have gathered 5 samples, return to the One Who Has Achieved Glory with the samples and the Fungus Sample Bag.

Cash: 50000 credits
Experience: (Up to) 25000 XP.

Walk through[edit]

Mushrooms are located around Archbile. Collect them and return bag to One Who Has Achieved Glory. To collect the Amanita Muscaria mushroom, take the Fungus Sample Bag Fungus Sample Bag and right click on the mushroom to get Red Hat (Amanita muscaria) Fungus Sample added to your inventory. After collecting five return to One Who Has Achieved Glory at /waypoint 440.0, 992.4, 454 and give him the bag and the five mushrooms.

Confirmed mushroom locations

  • /waypoint 369.1, 1149.3, 4541
  • /waypoint 307.4, 1410.7, 4541
Red Hat Mushrooms