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Organization cities are cities controlled by an Organization of any faction.

Added with the Alien Invasion Expansion, Org Cities provide a benefit to all members of an organization that have the Alien Invasion Expansion.

Org Cities are customized by the organization that creates them. Each building adds or contains a certain benefit to all members of the Organization that have the Alien Invasion expansion.

Organization cities remain as instances, like a mission location. Their presence all across Rubi-Ka, a feat of game engineering arguably unsurpassed, is gone from the game. Surprisingly, the reason was in no way a technical one, but an economic one. Many players could not afford them, and they became an omnipresent symbol of the divide between wealthy and poor in a way that gear never could.[1] In Patch 18.6, they disappeared from the planet's surface, and in Patch 18.7, more of the plots on which they once stood returned to grass and dirt.

The patches brought many changes to the cities themselves; the info below is strictly of historical value and is only currently accurate by accident, until it can be compiled into "past and present" sections.

An organization city at night; a freighter's orbit passes over distant lands

City Controller[edit]

The City controller is the first freestanding item in a city. It is related to the plot of land, not the org, so it is there, even when the org isn't. When an org president "buys" a city, he right clicks on the controller to purchase the land for a great deal of money, and then he has 24 hours to plant an org HQ building. Once this is done, the city belongs to the org, as long as they continue to pay the "upkeep".

City controllers are also used for starting Org City Invasions, by lowering the cloak on your city. This can only be done by an Executive, Veteran, Squad Commander (depending on what governing form your organization is, or higher.

City controllers can be damaged during Alien raids.

Useful Controller Recompiler Unit Use Controller Recompiler Unit (CRU)s to repair them.

Use CRUs before the next raid, not after a raid, as Alien attacks can be triggered by using Recompilers. CRUs can be purchased at the Fixer Shop or found as loot.

Organization Headquarters[edit]

Org HQ (advance structure) gives permanent RunSpeed and base ability benefits. The benefits given below are added at level 200, below and above that level bonuses are interpolated.

Small Org HQ Management Benefit[edit]

Size: 3x3

  • QL 001 -- +10 RunSpeed, +1 base abilities
  • QL 100 -- +16 RunSpeed, +1 base abilities
  • QL 200 -- +23 RunSpeed, +2 base abilities
  • QL 300 -- +30 RunSpeed, +3 base abilities
  • Private Study (laboratory): +50 to all Tradeskills (except Tutoring and Computer Literacy), locks CompLit for 15 minutes (cannot use the Global Market Search terminal)

Medium Org HQ Management Benefit[edit]

Size: 4x4

  • QL 101 -- +40 RunSpeed, +4 base abilities
  • QL 200 -- +50 RunSpeed, +5 base abilities
  • QL 300 -- +60 RunSpeed, +6 base abilities
  • Private Laboratory (laboratory): +100 to all Tradeskills (except Tutoring and Computer Literacy), locks CompLit for 15 minutes (cannot use the Global Market Search terminal)

Large Org HQ Management Benefit[edit]

Size: 4x4

  • QL 201 -- +70 RunSpeed, +7 base abilities
  • QL 300 -- +90 RunSpeed, +9 base abilities
  • Quantum Physics Laboratory (laboratory): +160 to all Tradeskills (except Tutoring and Computer Literacy), locks CompLit for 15 minutes (cannot use the 'Global Market Search' terminal)
  • Plastic Surgery: you can change your weight, height and face with this terminal.


Markets player shops have been replaced with Global Market Interface in release 18.5 (2012). The building is no longer build able.

Size: 2x2

Market (advance structure) provides players with there own personal shops, where they can sell their own stuff for prices they set. These items are searchable through Global Market Search terminals, which can be found in major cities of Rubi-Ka.

Shop contents remain for sale, and transactions can take place, after the shop owner logs off. Credits for the transactions are kept in the terminal.

Building Types

  • Superior Market 120 shop terminals
  • Advanced Market 61 shop terminals
  • Basic Market 30 shop terminals

However certain limitations are applied for these "Shop Terminals":

  • One shop per character
  • 21 items per shop
  • Unique and of course NoDrop items cannot be sold

Org leaders can set a Commission Rate at the City Controller, which means, this percent will be deducted from the seller after each transaction - and this money goes to the Org Bank. Org leaders have the ability to rename, abandon other member's terminals - and they have the possibility to check how much credit the owner of a terminal has.

The contents of a shop are stored with character information, they are not specific to the shop. This means that terminals can be safely "abandoned", as the contents are not lost. Next time the owner of the abandoned terminal opens a new shop or reopens the old shop (in the same or in another Org's Market), the items are put back with same prices.

Grid House[edit]

Size: 1x1

  • QL 001 -- +9 Computer Literacy
  • QL 100 -- +18 Computer Literacy
  • QL 200 -- +36 Computer Literacy
  • QL 300 -- +54 Computer Literacy

Mining Operations Center[edit]

Size: 2x2

  • QL 001 -- +6 Nanoskills
  • QL 100 -- +12 Nanoskills
  • QL 200 -- +24 Nanoskills
  • QL 300 -- +36 Nanoskills

Notum Silo[edit]

Size: 3x3

  • QL 001 -- +3 NanoDelta, -1% NPCost
  • QL 100 -- +12 NanoDelta, -2% NPCost
  • QL 200 -- +24 NanoDelta, -4% NPCost
  • QL 300 -- +36 NanoDelta, -6% NPCost

Vehicle Landing Pad[edit]

Size: 2x2

  • QL 001 -- +9 Vehicles, +9 MapNav
  • QL 100 -- +18 Vehicles, +18 MapNav
  • QL 200 -- +36 Vehicles, +36 MapNav
  • QL 300 -- +54 Vehicles, +54 MapNav

ECM Tower[edit]

Size: 3x3


Size: 1x1

Enter to receive an 11% XP buff for 4 hours.

Sidewalk Cafe[edit]

Size: 2x2

Sky Bar[edit]

Size: 1x2

Swimming Pool[edit]

Size: 3x4

  • QL 001 -- +10 Swimming, +9 BodyDev
  • QL 100 -- +20 Swimming, +18 BodyDev
  • QL 200 -- +40 Swimming, +36 BodyDev
  • QL 300 -- +80 Swimming, +54 BodyDev

Guard House[edit]

Size: 1x1

Provides two guards that are the same level as the building to patrol the city.


Four Whompahs can fit in one 1x1 square

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