Outpost 10-3

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Outpost 10-3

Outpost 10-3 is a ravaged Omni-Tek outpost located in the north central area of Southern Artery Valley.


At first glance, Outpost 10-3 would appear to be a broken or incompletely built typical Omni-Tek city that the swamp is slowly starting to overtake and reclaim. Since the official OT documents are largely unavailable to the general public the next best option for gathering information is to go talk to the engineer who planned the city. Luckily for any inquirers the engineer, Moog, can be found near the Outpost in a small shack village. From his story we can surmise that Moog's outpost was the victim of budget cuts or bureaucratic shuffle. The situations appears to be that Omni-Admin did not send the extra troops that Moog needed to fend off the monsters in the swamps. Thusly, resulting in the ruination of the outpost.

Present Day[edit]

Currently, Outpost 10-3 continues on its path of decay without the additional manpower available to reverse the course of the swamp. The area also serves as a point of transfer for people using the Omni-Tek Whompah network, or those looking to take on the horrors within the Biodomes in the swamps.

An Unfinished Tower


  • At (1168,2341) there is a series of three Whompahs on the Omni-Tek Whompah network that go to: 4 Holes, 20K, and Galaway Castle
  • A cluster of brave OT superior merchants can be found at (1332,2425), they sell Pharmaceuticals, Weapons, and Armor.

Sites to See[edit]

  • A downed and broken helicopter can be seen at (1088,2259).
  • North East of the outpost there is the remains of a incomplete two lane highway that runs high above the swamp.
  • An Unredeemed statue of transport can be visited a short ways outside of the outpost at (1032,2008) and allows people with keys to those gardens to instantly travel to any of them.


  • Dr. Hercules Lincoln can be found at (1132,2375) and is interested in seeing any Omni-Tek employee or Neutral citizen below level 100 to help him with some work.
  • A ways outside of the outpost and alone the highway at (1850,2550) you can find engineer Moog, who would apear to be the original project planner for the outpost.
  • When you are done talking to Moog you can jaunt over to Richelieu and speak to him about mushrooms and banjos.
  • At (1252,2364) one can find a strangely articulate helper droid named Marvin who has some ideas about the meaning of life and 42.