Phasefront Points

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Phasefront Points (PP)

These points are specific for each game account. I will refer to these points as PP. You can convert FCP from your customer account into PP on any one of your game accounts. Once you do this, the specified amount of FCP is deducted from your customer account, and the specified amount of PP are added to the selected game account.

PP may be spent at the Phasefront vendors in Newland Lake.

These points are available on each character on your game account. Each character has a separate counter for how many PP they have spent. The remaining PP is calculated by: (game account PP) minus (Characters Spent PP).

You transfer 1000 PP onto your account, and spend them all on character A.
Character A will now have 0 PP.
Character B will still have 1000 PP.
If you now roll a new Character C, it will also have 1000PP.
Now you transfer 500 more PP to that game account.
Now, character A will have 500PP. Character B&C will have 1500PP.

Source: How do FC points, Phasefront points and Veteran points work?