Padded Love Armor

Fixer only. Beautiful set for buffing Nanos and Casting skills, with four of the six bonuses, and bonuses to Fixer's specialities in Trade and Repair too. Very subpar protection.

appeareance and features[edit]

Padded Love Shirt
Padded Love Arms Padded Love Arms
Padded Love Pants
Padded Love Boots
ProjectileAC: 2140
MeleeAC: 2140
EnergyAC: 1775
FireAC: 2840
ColdAC: 2840
RadiationAC: 940
ChemicalAC: 1775
PoisonAC: 940
Psy.Modification: 8
MaterialCreation: 8
SpaceTime: 8
SensoryImprovement: 8
DodgeRanged: 20
EvadeClsC: 25
DuckExp: 20
RunSpeed: 30

Values compared to corresponding peaces of Carbonum Armor


Profession = Fixer