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Pandemonium is the final and most dangerous area to progress to in the Shadowlands and represents the heart of the Source and the technology used to open it. In this place, the Beast reigns and his influence has corrupted and compelled members from both the Redeemed and the Unredeemed to join him. Despite this, both sides have gardens open to the bravest warriors who would challenge the might of the Beast and claim the Source for their side. These gardens are unique in that they do not require keys or insignias to access and any member of any side can enter them and use their shops (assuming they are survive the onslaught of foes).

Pandemonium is almost exclusively used as a raid zone and it more or less entirely taken up by organized raid bots. The zone itself is considered to be 'inside' so programs that only work outside do not work in Pandemonium.


The zones in Pandemonium are named for the 4 zones of the 9th circle of hell in Dante Alighieri's Inferno. This circle of hell is reserved for various types of traitors.

  • Caina
Reserved for traitors to their brothers, named for the Biblical character Cain.
  • Antenora
Named for Antenor of Troy, who, according to legend, betrayed Troy to the Greeks.
  • Ptolemea
This zone is reserved for traitors to their guests, and is named for Ptolemy of Jericho, who betrayed Simon Maccabaeus and his sons within that city's walls.
  • Judecca
The betrayer of Christ, Judas the Iscariot is the namesake for this zone, which is reserved for traitors to their gods. Sinners punished in this zone are completely frozen in ice. In the center of this zone lives a three-headed Satan, who happens to be eternally eating Brutus, Cassius (both plotted to kill Julius Caesar), and the aforementioned Judas Iscariot. Dante is still down there farming points for his burden, I think.


There are 5 different sorts of mobs in Pande.

These can drop this common loot:
Glyph of the Arcana Glyph of the Arcana - Tradeskill: Chosen Armor Faithful Armor
Spiritech Medical Analyzer Spiritech Medical Analyzer - Buff Armor
Spiritech Network Analyzer Spiritech Network Analyzer - Buff Armor
Meteorite Spikes Meteorite Spikes
Poison Darts of the Deceptor Poison Darts of the Deceptor
Capsule of Fulminating Novictum Capsule of Fulminating Novictum
Koan Shuriken Koan Shuriken
Fallen Star Fallen Star
Heroes Discus Heroes Discus
Tear of Oedipus Tear of Oedipus

Corrupted Xan-Kuir
Mob corrupted xan-kuir.jpg

Mob: Unredeemed Kuir (Spider)
Level: ~250
Behavior: Not aggressive but social

Properties: Rootable, nuker.
Blue Glyph of Ocra Blue Glyph of Ocra

Corrupted Xan-Len
Mob corrupted xan-len.jpg

Mob: Redeemed Len (Pink)
Level: ~250
Behavior: Aggressive

Properties: Can be calmed. Healer (complete heal)
Blue Glyph of Aban Blue Glyph of Aban
Blue Glyph of Enel Blue Glyph of Enel
Blue Glyph of Ocra Blue Glyph of Ocra

Corrupted Hiisi Berserker
Mob corrupted hiisi berserker.jpg

Mob: Hiisi
Level: ~250
Behavior: Aggressive

Properties: ???
Blue Glyph of Aban Blue Glyph of Aban
Blue Glyph of Enel Blue Glyph of Enel
Blue Glyph of Ocra Blue Glyph of Ocra
Supply Unit Chest Plate Supply Unit Armor

Corrupted Xan-Cur
Mob corrupted xan-cur.jpg

Mob: Unredeemed Cur (Blue)
Level: ~250
Behavior: Aggressive

Properties:Can be charmed. Full Auto kind of attack.
Blue Glyph of Enel Blue Glyph of Enel
Blue Glyph of Ocra Blue Glyph of Ocra

Pandemonium Geosurvey Dog

Mob: Chimera (Dog)
Level: ~250
Behavior: Not aggressive

Properties: ???
Nano Crystal (Knowledge of The End) Nano Crystal (Knowledge of The End)


In Pandemonium there are 18 different bosses. These split into the following categories:

  • 4 portal bosses, which need to be killed to advance to the next island and have no loot.
  • 12 Zodiac named bosses, which have wave 4 different spawn places: West, East, Middle, North. The first 4 are shared each by 3 different bosses of which only one spawns at random.
  • 1 Midway boss: The Night Heart (tnh)
  • 1 Final Boss: The Beast

Portal Bosses[edit]

The portal bosses need to be killed to advance the Pande raids.
The guard portals between the different Islands. Once they are killed a blue portal opens for a few minutes. Right clicking these will zone the player to the next area.

These portals are one sided. To use them correctly you need to face south.

Portal bosses respawn after 30 minutes.

The names in order of these bosses are:

  1. Zodiac
  2. Timid Spectral Scourge
  3. Senior Subjugator
  4. Pandemonium Subjugator

The Zodiac bosses[edit]

There are 4 different spawn places, which each can have one of 3 different bosses, resulting in 12 different bosses altogether.
The spawn time for these bosses is 6 hours and the type of boss is randomly chosen from one of the 3 possibilities.

2 of these spawn places (E/W) lie outside the normal raid route to The Beast. The other 2 as well as the Midway boss are directly on it.
These mobs drop some very nice twinking items which mostly are nodrop and/or unique.

Midway Boss - The Night Heart[edit]

The second island has the Midway boss.
It has quite a few of adds and need to be treated carefully. If any players are going to the north of this boss, they pull in an additional number of adds "north", which quite often results in the end of the raid force. The respawn time is 6 hours and it is normally done together with Middle and North.
It drops twinking belts and high level symbs.

Final Boss - The Beast[edit]

The final pandemonium boss is the biggest and most coveted boss in AO and has a little hole to itself. As we learned recently from Ergo in the inferno quests, it is the core of the Shadow Lands.
Though the respawn time was formerly 18 hours, the 17.2 patch for LE changed the respawn time to 9 Hours
It drops a lot of very nice high level stuff. Most of it is nodrop and/or unique.

Pandemonium map[edit]

Spheremap pandemonium.jpg
Spheremap v1.0

This side was copied and translated from the German version.
Cirte 14:01, 3. Sep 2005 (CEST)

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