Patch 13.2


General Changes[edit]

  • Added 15 seconds of invulnerability when someone zones into a new playfield or district. This has been done to eliminate zone camping. Unless you attack someone first, you will be invulnerable to attack for the 15 second period.
  • Fixed a bug that caused secondary weapons to unequip when switching playfields. Basically, when re-building the character after zoning, weapons were checked before implants were, thus when trying to place the weapon, the implants would not be taken into consideration and you would not meet the requirements.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause items to disappear.
  • The level range for monsters in mission dungeons are now calculated differently. You should see an improvement based on the difficulty slider better affecting what monsters are generated in the missions.
  • Fixed some client crashes.
  • Cleaned and optimized the ground rendering system in AO.
  • Sparrow flight no longer drops after zoning.
  • Monsters should no longer heal each other as frequently as they used to.
  • The text color of buffs wearing out has been changed to be easier to distinguish from other text messages.
  • Fixed a server crash.
  • Yalmahas and Quantum Wings should work properly after zoning.
  • Fixed an item dupe bug.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the "You countered the nanoprogram..." to flood your chat.
  • Your current health and nano should now be correct after zoning.
  • Initiative debuffs should now affect combat speed when they are landed, not only when a new combat is started.

Item Changes[edit]

  • Hacked Boosted Graft: Many of the boosted grafts didn’t lock any skill so you could reuse them without any delay. This has now been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed left-hand only items to be equipped in both hands.
  • Hacked Symbio Grafts: Some items didn’t work because of broken Criteria. This should now be fixed.
  • Improved splitting of item stacks. By pressing CTRL+left Click you try to split a stack. Now, by pressing CTRL+Shift+Left Click you can slide your mouse left-right and define the size of the stack you want to pick up!
  • We’ve found and eradicated container gnomes! Items will now stay in the location you placed them. This applies to your inventory, bank and containers.
  • Added a clarifying description to the Battlesuits and Tank Armor, mentioning their drawbacks.

Game world changes[edit]

  • Fixed a number of dungeon entrances that were impossible to enter.
  • Fixed some shops that were empty. Also fixed a bug that caused shops to run out of goods.
  • Fixed a number of small game world issues: Trees and grass hanging in the air, etc.
  • Stret West Bank: Added a Whompah to Borealis and a ferry to Stret East Bank.
  • The Cell Scanner in Holes in the Wall is now placed properly on the ground.
  • Added some more vendors to the Last Ditch.
  • Fixed a Cell Scanner in Belial Forest. It only saved your XP, not your position.
  • Newland City: Added a sign to the "Neuters r us" club. Added signs to several shops.
  • Moved the Cell Scanner to the Jail area. Added a General Shop.

Monster changes[edit]

  • Reduced the number of hit point for the "bosses" in the Steps of Madness dungeon.
  • "Boss" monsters should now receive help from monsters of their "family" when attacked.
  • Fixed many stationary NPCs that wouldn't move even if attacked. They will now behave properly if attacked.
  • High level monsters should now regenerate a bit more slowly.

Profession Changes[edit]

  • Engineers have received a Summon line of nanos. One will allow them to teleport any person in their team to the current location of the engineer. The other will allow them to teleport every person in their team to the current location of the engineer.
  • Fixed the Exhaust Muscles doctor nano. It had 10x the duration it should have (640 seconds instead of 64).

Bureaucrat Changes

  • The Bureaucrat XP gain line bonus has been increased to 3, 6 and 9%.
  • New single-target psychosis nano for the Bureaucrat: Contemplation. Also increased the duration of the bureaucrat's single-target psychosis nanos by 40%.
  • All psychosis (mezz) nanos will now play their hit effect continuously for the duration of the nanos, or until it is removed (such as by being attacked). This should make it much easier to determine which monsters are under the effects of psychosis and which are not.
  • The first of the bureaucrat Motivational speeches are in. This set increases general offensive and defensive abilities slightly.
  • Made some changes to the bureaucrat pets: Increased speed of attack and increased AC and evade skills.


  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to trade with NPC vendors.
  • Weapons you buy in stores will no longer appear as if they are stacked.
  • Your character will no longer be stuck in walk mode after sitting.
  • Fixed a bug that made you do minimum damage to certain types of human mobs in missions.


  • Mobs will no longer regenerate as fast during fight as they used to.
  • Added 3 news channels.


  • Fixed a bug with the new BC nanos that made your client crash.
  • Changed the feedback you receive when a nano formula terminate.


  • We have fixed a bug that caused the "mirror" effect on doors in missions. If you still experience any problems with this, please let us know as soon as possible.