Patch 13.4


General Changes[edit]

  • Added a large new dungeon; the level range is 40-70
  • Added a new bar: "Beer and Booze Pub".
  • Merit boards can now be worn with social armor. This means both battle suits and grid armor.
  • We have added the first few static missions.
  • Primers finally removed from the shops (they had no function).
  • We have made a change to the inventory system when it is full. If you receive an item, a new window will now be opened where you can extract it. This will for instance apply if you complete a mission without sufficient room available. Please note that the window will work as the loot view you open after killing a mob. The items will not be considered yours, until you make room for them and move them to your inventory. If you decide to close the window, the items will be lost.
  • When zoning to an indoor playfield with a vehicle equipped, it will no longer drop to your inventory, but be disabled. It will then be marked red in your wear view. When you enter an outdoor playfield again, it will automatically be enabled.
  • Removed mission entrances that were in accessible in Eastern Foul Plains and Omni-Entertainment.
  • Information tools now work as intended.
  • Removed the old organization items from shops. The new organization code means these items are no longer needed.
  • Social armor will no longer be so common reward when doing missions.
  • The Pioneer Backpack can be modified using a screwdriver so that, instead of it increasing your size slightly, it will reduce your size slightly. This can only be done with an empty backpack.

Bureaucrat Changes[edit]

  • Charm fix – charmed monsters can now be treated as pets.
  • Fear fix – The fear nano "Sudden Scare" will now work as intended, and we have added a psychic skill check to it.

Metaphysicist changes[edit]

  • The 3rd pet will be added. It is a psychosis/mesmerize pet.
  • Healing pets will no longer go into a coma if their target dies or fades away.

Agent changes[edit]

  • Agents in False Profession being healed with a team heal will now be healed instantly, and no longer have a 10 seconds delay.

Pet Changes[edit]

  • The /pet terminate command now has unlimited range.

PvP Changes[edit]

  • A warning will now be given if you try to attack a player who is in a group outside of your PvP level range.

Trade-skill Changes[edit]

  • Added new trade-skill departments to all ordinary supermarkets. The content of the shops might be adjusted when we've seen them in action for a while. Player feedback on these shops is appreciated.
  • Added trade skills for improving certain melee weapons. Check out the shops!


Date: December 20th

  • Fixed a visual bug with the weight system, your character will no longer appear as overweight.
  • Made a change to the camera angle, so you will have a better 1st person view.
  • Fixed a room in the new dungeon, where players could get stuck.