Patch 14.5


Story Changes[edit]

  • The Council Has Fallen!
  • ICC Peacekeepers Make Planetfall


We have added 150 new camps spread out on 8 playfields all around Rubi-Ka. These are camps where mobs regularly spawn, and once in a while a boss will appear. This boss will drop special loot, and be a much harder fight than the ordinary monsters. The boss monsters here will be worth more experience when killed.

Static missions[edit]

More NPCs around the world will now give out static missions (quests). These are assignments given to your character, requiring you to travel around and perform certain services for the NPCs involved. In the end you will receive a reward and experience. While doing these missions, you will encounter new monsters and have the chance to get your hands on new loot.

Monster changes[edit]

  • Some special boss monster camps have been added. The bosses in these camps go up to level 300, and are very tough. They are meant to be multi-group high level encounters. As such they have their own sets of unique loot. They also have some new tricks to keep you on your toes.
  • Boss monsters in the BIOMARE dungeon will have a chance of spawning more often. The unique loot on the boss monster will have a less chance off dropping on each spawn, but the overall drop rate should be the same as before. The bodyguard and neutralizer will have a higher chance of dropping their special loot.
  • Tri-Plumbo in the BIOMARE dungeon will no longer drop Rust-pitted Ring. He will now drop a new type of ring, while the previous ring will drop from a different monster. This change was done because the Rust-Pitted Ring was too powerful for such a low level monster.

Item changes[edit]

  • In a freak worldwide accident, all existing Arul Saba gems have been shattered! These gems are now useless in the creation of Arul Saba bracelets. Their only use now is to sell in shops for money.
  • Bracers of Reflection have been changed to be less effective. You will now only be able to get a maximum of 7% reflection against a particular damage type, not up to 42%.
  • We have removed the "unique" flag on all pieces the Living Dragon armor. This is to prevent players losing valuable building parts in the process of assembling this armor.
  • A brand new series of implants have finally arrived from Jobe. This fabled floating city of the skies (featured in Shadowlands - the expansion pack) is producing fine goods even now! These so called Jobe-Implants will feature new skills, but will never be found in an assembled state. They are available at quality level 1-220.
  • All implants are now available from level 201-220! These are so-called "Refined" implants and clusters. They will not mix with the old implants or clusters, but is a separate line.
  • There was a problem with the side change form to become Clan. It was not correctly removing any Omni-Tek tokens you may have previously earned. It is now fixed, and will zero out your omni token count when used.
  • General Armor quality level 201-220 is appearing with the new level 200-300 monsters. These have very high wear requirements, so only the specialists can wear them - for now.

World changes[edit]

  • Fixed a lot of minor bugs in various playfields.
  • Suppression gas in the Fixer grid have been changed to 100%
  • The Whom-Pha in Tir have been moved from the Fair Trade area to the south-east corner. This was done to prevent crowding.

General changes[edit]

  • Due to improper registering of certain specialized textures with Direct3D, those textures would forever be stored in graphics memory. As time went by this cache of rarely needed textures would grow, and so would the memory requirement of the game. This has now been fixed. You should see its effect in the game by reduced memory use, particularly if you use high texture resolution and colour quality.
  • The Anarchy Online client will no longer crash when running Windows XP service pack 1.
  • We have added some new petition commands and updated the in-game help. Please have a look at "/petition help" for details.


Date: 20.09.02

  • Commander Brock has been moved from Tir City to an outpost close by.
  • Fixed a bug with "Electro Unique", causing him to re-spawn way too slow. He will now spawn as he is supposed to.
  • The guards of "The One" will now spawn more frequently.
  • The new boss monsters will from now on only drop armor with quality level up to 220. There was a bug causing them to drop higher-level equipment.
  • We had to remove an item called "MTI Martins Simple AR01". It was not meant for this patch, and therefore not balanced correctly.
  • The new "Masked Commando Elites" will now give more experience when killed.
  • "Jack Legchopper" has had his regeneration rate reduced. This also applies for his clones.
  • Fixed a crash bug with the new monsters in Eastern Fouls Plain.
  • "Tarasque" has had his hitpoints reduced, and his special attacks are working as they should now. We have also increased the chance of him dropping his special loot.
  • We have increased the chance of special monsters spawning in the Mercenary Camp in Eastern Fouls Plain. Some of these monsters will also give more experience when killed.


Date: 02.10.02

General changes[edit]

  • The minimum quality levels of the "Jobe-Implants" have been lowered from 200 to 100. The maximum quality levels of the "Refined Jobe-implants" have been reduced from 300 to a more realistic 220.
  • We have fixed a general problem with trade-skills. This caused certain combinations of implants and clusters to result in the wrong item.
  • Several places where people could get stuck have been fixed.

Monster changes[edit]

  • There has been added new loot to some of the monsters introduced in 14.5.0.
  • We fixed a problem that caused a few boss monsters to be hit too often by critical blows.
  • The "Masked Commando Elites" have had their evades lowered.
  • "Otacustes" will now spawn more frequently.


Date: 03.10.02

  • We have rearranged some of the spawn points in the "Mercenary camp", to make fighting there more interesting. The monsters there will also drop their special loot more often now.