Patch 14.9

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14.9 made mission locations automatically update to the map when the mission is selected. If more then one mission is active at any one time then one can still be uploaded manually.

Inner Sanctum[edit]

"A high level dungeon where you can finally meet Hezak the Immortal, the cult leader of the Temple of the Three Winds."

The Hollow Island[edit]

"An island with hundreds of monsters to fight and new items to find. But be warned that it will not be easy. The monsters have a starting level of 150 and will attack everything they see. You will have to find the location of the island."

New items on Dynacamp bosses[edit]

"There are about 140 Dynacamps in AO , camps with a leader and several underling. There are different levels depending on the region."
"With this patch you will find many new items in these Dynacamps. We hope to make these camps more attractive by bringing them new objects that can not be found on a mission."


Profession weapons[edit]

Introduced in Patch 14.9; low level and powerful weapons that drop only from Dynas. Available only from QL 40-50, and only as Dyna Boss loot.

Red Line Grenade Launcher[edit]

"The 'Red Line' was supposedly invented by the clan 'Sons of the Blue Wolf', but it has so many similarities with common OT designs that it's hardly fair to call it an 'invention'. Still it's certainly an improvement compared to most OT grenade launcher designs."

Red Line Grenade Launcher Auno
Engineer only. Boost of 30 to Mechanical Engineering on the level 50 rather than +10 for the level 1-49s, and more damage, but the same name.


Level 1-49;

Cold Morning Icebreaker ; on Auno
Cold Morning Icebreaker level 50]; Enforcer 2HB

Pump Master[edit]

Pump Master ; on Auno
Level 50; Pump Trainee 40-49; Trader Shotgun.

Schuyler Pup[edit]

Schuyler Super Pup ; on Auno
1-49; Schuyler Super Pup level 50; Martial Artist Bow

SOL SG-70 Robust[edit]

SOL SG-71 Robust ; on Auno
SOL SG-71 Robust level 50; Soldier Shotgun

Gift of Jupiter[edit]

Gift of Jupiter ; on Auno
Jupiter Aegis level 40-49; Metaphysicist Shield

Others? Please add[edit]

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