Patch 15.1

Wednesday October 15th 2003

This update mainly contains a lot of world design corrections and changes. Trying to list them all is futile, and would contain numerous entries with "moved a rock to where it was supposed to be" and "you will no longer get stuck at coordinates x y". Thus, even while this list of changes might seem small, the actual changes are numerous and significant for overall game-play.

Shadowlands world design[edit]

  • The teleport / zone point at the end of the Adonis entrance tunnel has been fixed. Ergo will no longer help people get past this tunnel.
  • Some areas were under-populated, thus having a surplus of natural resources. The inhabitants have now multiplied, and new creatures have moved into some of these areas.
  • Some rocks and trees, a good amount of sand and dirt, and an occasional mountain have all been moved around a bit, in a great polishing effort from the world designers.
  • The ground has been smoothed a bit, and some rocks have been made easier to pass, lowering the chance of getting stuck in the geography.
  • Environment music has been added to some areas that were missing it, and changed in others.
  • All mazes now have doors in the doorways.

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)[edit]

  • Two NPCs that were missing have now returned to their designated locations in Penumbra.
  • Hiisi Warriors should now spawn correctly.

Game Mechanics[edit]

When reaching level 201 and above, the ability caps (limits) would previously increase with a huge amount. This was not intended, and has been corrected. Expect a much lower increase in the cap from now on. Those who have already increased their abilities above the new and correct cap will have their abilities lowered and IP reimbursed automatically.

Missions and quests[edit]

  • Unredeemed followers can now complete the quest involving Empath Min-Ji Liu and an old piece of cloth.
  • Some information has been added in the mission description for the second Trash King assignment from Alvin and Dodga.