Patch 16.0

Before Patch 16.0, there were unexpected consequences for players who typed, "/org leave some of that Phat loot for me", in the mistaken belief that this would display a message in org chat. This command syntax may be intuitively correct, but does not type a message; instead, because there was no popup message that required the player to confirm their choice, the player would immediately kick themselves from their organization.

Before Patch 16.02, a player could hypothetically have teamed with another, inflicted AE damage on a guard, left team, and then attacked their former teammate, as all members of a team were PvP Flagged for the actions of any member.

The Halloween items added in Patch 16.04 featured the return of some items from two years before, and added some new items. But the Halloween loot table was increase dramatically in numbers and in desirability a year later, in October 2007, in Patch 17.10.2


Alien Invasion Changes[edit]

  • Trimmer - Improve Actuators will now work as intended.
  • Fixed an issue with aliens having problems pathing to a city controller in Stret East Bank.
  • Chopped down some trees to make it easier for aliens to reach their targets in Central Artery Valley.
  • Fixed a problem in 4 Holes where aliens had problems pathing to the city.
  • Removed some monsters that spawned inside a city in Stret West Bank.
  • Fixed a city slot in Lush Fields to prevent a problem with floating buildings.
  • Fixed feedback for missing Alien Invasion expansion in criteria checks.
  • The clinique plastique no longer renders your head invisible if you were wearing sunglasses when using it.

Shadowlands Changes[edit]

  • New Nano Technician Nano line. NTs will find a new line of nano resist debuffing nanos in the Shadowlands Gardens.
  • Nano Technicians now have access to improved versions of some of their root and calm nanos.
  • Shadowlands Bureaucrat charms have had specialization requirements fixed and their durations adjusted to correctly reflect the hierarchy of difficulty required to execute them.
  • Mobs in Inferno missions have had their Psychic skills lowered, this should make it easier for Bureaucrats to find a usable pet.
  • The Fixer snare line nanos Intense Micro Entanglement, Intense Personal Entanglement, Intense Gravity Bindings and Intense Targeted Nanoweb should be working properly now.
  • The Fixer nano Slip of Intent should now upload properly.
  • Placed the nano Primordial Dissipation in the Inferno Garden shops.
  • Red Dusk should now work as intended.
  • The Shadowlands Temples will now reset after 90 minutes.
  • Self-only perks now execute on yourself correctly even if you have no target, or have a monster targeted.
  • Added PvP level restriction checks for using friendly perk items on players. This now correctly follows the same rules that govern nanos.
  • It is no longer possible to use friendly items and perks on towers.
  • Body Tackle, Curing Touch, Moonmist, Nano Feast, Chaos Ritual and Pulverize Perk Specials should all now grey out correctly.
  • Fixed a spelling error in the dialog of Prophet Nar Shere.
  • Spirits of Feet Defence now have a foot spirit icon.

Classic Changes[edit]

  • New Ground Textures New high quality ground textures have been added on Rubi-Ka. You can now choose what quality of ground textures to display from the options menu. (F10 > Visual > Textures > Ground Texture Quality)
  • The city of Old Athen has been given a significant facelift.
  • The mountain view from Borealis is now more impressive.
  • Biomare Dungeon Overhaul – The Biomare dungeon in the longest road has been overhauled with new adventures for players up to level 100. You can find the release article here
    • The dungeon has been level locked accordingly.
    • All the previous loot still drops in the dungeon (although it may now appear in a different location) however the most sought after items that previously dropped in the dungeon now also appear as drops from some of the existing Rubi-Ka boss encounters. This will enable those players that may still want to acquire these items to do so even if they are over level 100.
    • A new Whom-Pah route has been added between Biomare and 2HO
    • Players who logged out in the old version of Biomare prior to the patch will find themselves outside the next time they log in.
  • Pet AI Changes - The following improvements have been made to pet AI and commands:
    • When the master performs a local teleport, the pet will immediately reconnect regardless of the distance between the pet and the master. (It was previously limited to 25 meters)
    • Pet command range, and the distance a master can stay away from an attacking pet has both been set to 42 meters. If you give a command to a pet that is outside of this range, you will receive a warning.
    • Pets will now clear their hatelist on /pet attack, /pet behind and /pet follow. This should allow their masters to help prevent them wandering off and trying to fight mobs you didn’t ask them to.
    • Pets no longer attack anything that has its master on its hatelist. Pets should now only go after those mobs that are actually attacking the master's team or their pets.
    • Engineer dog pets now give their masters feedback when commands are issued.
  • Added "Coast of Peace" and "Coast of Tranquillity" to the Rubi-Ka in-game planet map. (Moved map coordinates to the file. cd_image/Gui/Default/MapCoords.xml.)
  • Vicinity Loot messages. When you loot items from a corpse what you loot will now be reported to new vicinity channels. There are two new virtual chat groups, one for team loot messages and one for vicinity loot messages.
  • Items no longer go to reclaim upon death. They will stay in your inventory. Reclaim terminals will remain in game so that any players who logged out with items in reclaim can still reclaim them.
    • PLEASE NOTE: this does not remove the need to use the save terminal ! It is simply that your items now stay in your inventory, you still die as normal and return to your last save location.
  • Nano programs will now automatically add themselves to the first available shortcut bar slot when they are uploaded for the first time. This feature can be enabled and disabled in options. (F10 > GUI > Misc)
  • A new option has been added to enable or disable the NCU window opening when you upload a new nano for the first time. (F10 > GUI > Misc)
  • The nano casting animation will now be played even when the last animation isn't finished.
  • The level limit for free for all PvP has been increased to 200 (please note that level ranges still apply so being below 200 is not ‘protection from all above that’ a level 220 player can legally fight down to level 175 for example).
  • Side change forms now give a more accurate estimate of the time that they lock the side skill.
  • Tower attack messages are now sent when an attacker has initiated a new attack. An attack is considered new if it is the first in a tower combat cycle, or if the attacker has not started attacks for more than one hour.
  • The Iron Circle buff now properly requires 26 NCUs.
  • Slayerdroid Transference can no longer be executed while polymorphed.
  • Trader Nano leech nanos are now cancelled when the target leaves the playfield.
  • Beacon warp has been disabled in the ICC shuttleport.
  • Trader charms will now be broken if the trader is shaken out of his trance.
  • Neutral characters will no longer receive token chance progression messages (as they cannot receive quest tokens).
  • Added check in the tower build menu for the NW expansion.
  • You will no longer get the "Executing Nano Program: ..." if you don't meet the requirements.
  • Missions from mission terminals now have a shorter description.
  • The description of the Omni-Tek Award - Triple Flag of Humility is now changed to reflect the name of the award, as well as the number of tokens needed for the next version.
  • Advanced Restoration Kit is now properly locking the First Aid skill of the user rather then the recipient of the heal.
  • Second Tier Keeper Greaves now display properly.
  • Corpses would sometimes not disappear...this has been fixed.
  • NPC's will no longer wander into water when they aren't supposed to.
  • Removed a couple of big monsters from the ACG missions.
  • Fixed a visual bug allowing wielding of several weapons in one hand.
  • Changed the text for when the player is missed by a special attack, or the player misses with a special attack.
  • The "/stuck" command now does a fair attempt at using valid language in the feedback.
  • Added confirmation dialogs to "/org leave" and "/quit".
  • When your head flashes during talking, helmets will no longer change colour.
  • Enhanced the dialogue messages you receive when disbanding an organisation.
  • Assigned the correct Mesh to certain NPC's.
  • Fixed a problem with zoning between 4 Holes and Andromeda.
  • Fixed a hole in the ground in 4 Holes.
  • The party mixers who give the cyber armour quests should now have slightly different chats. (Not all of them talking about Newland anymore)
  • Cleared up some confusion about the goals of Jack Legchopper quests.
  • Simon Silverstone's dialog is updated.
  • Fixed a spelling error on the Failed Ring of Flying.
  • Long Axe and Whings construction manuals will no longer be available from vendors.


  • Casting Animation issues with Nano Formulas should be resolved.
  • Pets should teleport correctly with their masters.


  • Pet Command Changes. Pets will now return to the last issued default behaviour after attacking.
    • If your pet was on /pet behind (i.e. don’t agro anything unless it is actually attacked itself) it will return to that passive state after it finished killing the target it is told to attack.
    • If the pet was on /pet guard (i.e. agro anything that attacks the player or their party) then it will return to that state after killing the target it was told to attack.
    • Please note that pets will always default to /pet guard when zoning or being created for the first time.
  • The Clan Nanomage Shadowbreed should now work as intended.
  • Team-mates should no longer get PvP flagged by area-of-attack (aoe) attacks from other people in their team.
  • Ingots have been removed from all the drop tables of Shadowlands mobs.
  • The lag occasionally experienced when passing through doors in missions should now be greatly improved.
  • The Unicorn gatekeeper has been issued with new timekeeping equipment and should now open the Alien Playfields gates on time
  • Fixed Biomare mission quests that gave the wrong mission description.
  • Mobs should no longer disappear or warp out of combat unexpectedly.


  • Made some alterations to a city area in Galway County to improve the alien’s ability to find their way.
  • Issues with area of effect (aoe) nano formula and perk abilities not correctly applying to team mates should now be resolved.
  • Resolved an issue where players could not continue the new Biomare mission chain.
  • Security Cameras in Biomare should now disappear as intended when the Camera Scrambler is used on them.
  • Introduce a temporary solution to compatibility issues with ATI video drivers. This should greatly reduce desktop crashes for those users who suffered from this issue. Please note: This issue is outside of our game code but we have patched in this workaround to help those players who have had this problem, it will though result in some graphical glitches when the problem occurs. We felt this was preferable though to experiencing the game crashing.
  • Fixed a situation where city / tower buffs might not be applied correctly when zoning


  • Added some special treats for Halloween, keep your eyes peeled over the Halloween weekend for anything strange!